Leg Sleeves – Basketball Item You Should Have

Basketball is a sport with a high intensity and requires dynamic motion. Hence, no wonder that basketball players are often get injured in leg and knee.

Leg Sleeves-McDavid

Leg Sleeves-McDavid


The use of leg sleeves is very important for the basketball player, who always moves dynamically on the field. Yep, this item needed to keep the feet safe from injury, especially knee while playing because, in addition to running, basketball is also dominant in making the leap. Thus, the use of leg sleeve will reduce the occurrence of injury to the foot.

In addition, the use of leg sleeves can also keep feet warm during the play, especially when the match was the timeouts, halftimes, or delinquency. Because in these times, the body temperature of the player decreases, which can triggers to the muscle injury.

Here are some things to consider when choosing good leg sleeves:

1. Length: The area covered by leg sleeves have to be quite widespread, especially in the knees so that the feet are always warm and protected from injury.

2. Weight: The shoes are made of the lightweight materials, so it will not get more weight on the foot.

3. Tight: Leg sleeves should be strong and not loose when worn because it can ruin your concentration while playing.

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Leg sleeves can prevent and reduce the risk of injury. So, before playing, it’s better for you already have these items at home.

Best leg sleeves protector:

McDavid Leg sleeves

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