5 Best Outdoor Men’s Basketball Shoes 2019


outdoor basketball court where outdoor basketball shoes should be wornCurrently, shoe companies have created many innovate shoes that are tailored to the needs of the basketball players. Technology is evolving to make shoes that constantly increasing in terms of comfort, performance and quality. You can move more effective, faster and agile. Shoes are made well adapted to field conditions, indoor or outdoor courts certainly have different conditions.

Harder Rubber Outsole

Indoor basketball shoes are usually made with thinner soles. If you use it for outdoor, the rubber soles will quickly flatten out. If you want to play basketball in outdoors, you should choose a shoe which has harder and thicker rubber outsole. This is of course, would make the shoe heavier, but the grip of the shoe would be stronger when you are running and the rubber soles will not run out quickly.

More Traction

Good herringbone pattern will give you more traction on the court. A shoe with a deep herringbone will make it longer to wear before flatten out. Outdoor basketball shoe should have a good balance between herringbone pattern and rubber soles.

Need More Ankle Support

Outdoor field conditions are sometimes fickle.  Air temperature and field can be changed at anytime quickly, so our legs have to adjust the to field conditions more often. Therefore, you should pick an outdoor basketball shoe with a little extra ankle support.

Here are 5 Best Outdoor Men’s Basketball Shoes of 2018

Nike New Air Force 180
AllLeather[usr 4.5]
Click here to see price on Amazon
Nike Overplay VII
Forwards/GuardsLeather-Synthetic[usr 4.5]
Click here to see price on Amazon
Air Jordan SC-3
AllLeather-Synthetic[usr 4.8]
Click here to see price on Amazon
Reebok Wall Season Zig
Forwards/CentersFabric-Synthetic[usr 4.5]
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Fila 96
CentersLeather-Synthetic[usr 4.7]
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Include in the table above are x different column with the criteria for choosing the best basketball shoes in each position.

  • The Picture of The Shoe (which contain links to the basketball store so you can purchase or see more about the shoe)
  • Best Suited Position
  • Material Used For Shoe
  • User Rating(Can change frequently)
  • Price (On the table $ = less than $100, $$= $100 to $150, $$$= $150 to $200, and $$$$= above $200)

Indoor Basketball Shoe Reviews

1. Nike Men’s the Overplay VII

Nike Men's thNike Men's the Overplay VII- outdoor men's basketball shoese Overplay VII

[usr 4 size=20]

The first on the list is the Nike Men’s The Overplay VII. The appearance looks simple and less stylish, but the shoe is very comfortable and has good resistance. The shoe is made of leather which makes this shoe feels comfortable when used. Another good thing is the full-length phylon midsole for better cushioning and comfort. It has a solid rubber outsole with herringbone pattern for better good traction and maximum grip. It is very important, especially if you play in the outdoors.

Best Point: Comfortable, Good Traction

2. Reebok Men’s Wall Season 3-Zig

Reebok Men's Wall Season 3-Zig[usr 5 size=20]

This is one of the best outdoor men’s basketball shoes from Reebok. It has a unique and attractive design. The combination of rubber outsole and the herringbone pattern is perfectly balanced. It will make our movement’s quicker and stronger grip on the asphalt. The good point is not only an attractive design, but also comfort. For it, I personally prefer to the leather material than synthetic material, but this shoe also provides good comfort even made from synthetic. It has great ankle support and good traction.

Best Point: Stylish, Comfortable

3. Fila Men’s 96 Basketball Shoe

Fila Men's 96 Basketball Shoe

[usr 5 size=20]

Here is another great basketball shoe for the outdoors. Fila Men’s 96 has gained the reputation and good reviews from many basketball players. The combination of leather and synthetic material produces a shoe that is not only comfortable, but also durable. Solid rubber outsole gives more durability and good traction. Although I do not like the design, but this shoe is still a great choice for you to play basketball.

Best Point: Snug Fit, ankle support

4. Nike New Air Force 180 Mid Mens Basketball Shoes

Nike New Air Force 180 Mid Mens Basketball Shoes

[usr 5 size=20]

This is another Nike shoe on the list. In my opinion, the design of the shoe is very good, especially if we look at the side of the shoe. Nike new air force has great durability. These shoes are equipped with air soles so it will reduce pressure and pain when jumping. Good ankle support and very comfortable. It is very recommended.

Best Point: Air Soles, Stylish.

5. Nike Air Jordan SC-3

Jordan SC-3

[usr 5 size=20]

Nike Air Jordan series has always been favorable. Of course, Air Jordan SC-3 is one of them. It is durable and will strongly fit for your feet. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor. The shoe is quite expensive but worth it. Actually, it is cheaper if you compare to Air Jordan XI (11) Retro. Some people even buy it just for a collection.

Best Point: Durable

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