Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 Basketball Review

Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 basketball is the newest shoe product of Adidas which is available in almost every big sport stores and sport online shops. This Adidas shoe is considered as one of the best recent basketball shoe products in the world. You can see a glimpse of the shoe’s performance in the NBA live where there are many NBA pro player uses this kind of shoe.

This shoe has many features which will be its main weapon to face the harsh condition of the basketball court. Not only fully equipped in its performance, the look of this shoe will be a perfect match for a sporty outfit.

Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 Basketball Features


adidas crazy 8


This Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 Basketball has many features which will ensure not only the performance, but also the look of this shoe. This shoe has a superb stability in the court whether if it is indoors or outdoors thanks to its traction.

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Unique Traction

The traction of this shoe is equipped with unique and artistic patterns which maximize the traction over this shoe so the user can be more agile and faster in the court. This shoe is also has a comfortable and soft sole which made from high edge material and technology so it feels like there are springs beneath the feet. With this kind of sole, the comfort of the feet is also being maximized.

High-Quality Materials

This Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 Basketball is also made out from high quality synthetic materials which are light and strong. This makes the shoe lighter and stronger in the same time. The material of the outer sole of the shoe is a special plastic and rubber compound which is stronger than any ordinary rubber soles.

The boundary between the outer sole and the inner sole is protected by strong plastic compound which can withstand a force of even a piercing nail. The inner sole and the outer sole will not be easily torn because they use high-quality super glue.


This new Adidas basketball shoe, however, has no convenient ventilation installed there. There are only little ventilation holes on the side and apparently these supposed to be ventilation holes are not efficiently circulating air inside the shoe. There are many opinions in this matter. There are some believe that the lack of ventilation is due to the fitness of the shoe which leaves no room inside the foot cavity and this makes the air won’t make it inside.

Overall, this Adidas Crazy 8 Basketball shoe is comfortable enough to use in a short term like for the ball game, but not to be used for a long period because you will feel a slightly uncomfortable feeling in your feet.
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