Best Basketball Referee Shoes in 2019

best basketball referee shoes in 2015‏

In a basketball game, most of the attention is on the players. Of course they’re the reason everyone is watching the game. But the referees also play a crucial role in the game. A team can win or lose based on how and when fouls are called, so it’s important for the referees to be alert and quick.

Referees run up and down the basketball court to view every play from all possible angles. And just as it’s important for players to have good sneakers, the referees need reliable footwear because of the excessive running they are doing on the court. Today we will provide a review on the best basketball referee shoes.

List of the best basketball referee shoes in 2018‏:‏

1) Nike Air Max 2014 Running Shoe Review

nike air max review

Basketball referees run a lot and have to be quick to catch up with the players and make sure the rules are followed. Missing just a split second could cause the referee to screw up a call.

As a referee, it’s crucial to be in position and make sure the rules are being enforced fairly at all times.  Even though referees do not need to jump a lot, a good cushion on a shoe is still essential. The Nike Air Max shoe is cushioned with Nike Air throughout the sole of the shoe, which provides with a soft and comfortable feel. This helps make it a great choice for the “zebras” on the court.

The shoe offers good support with a high arch design. This support helps prevent excessive stress and fatigue. This lightweight running shoe provides the referees with comfort and allows them to run effectively up and down the court.

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2) Asics Men’s GT 1000 2 Running Shoes Shoe Review

asics running shoes review

The Asics GT1000 2 is a comfortable shoe that provides your foot with great support while running. The shoe is lightweight and flexible. For a referee, it is important that the shoe is comfortable as they run up and down for the entire time of the game, plus getting into position during stoppages.

The referee doesn’t have the same stresses as a player since they’re not usually called upon to be jumping. But it’s still important for a shoe to have good cushioning because of the repeated heel impact on the ground as they run.  

This shoe provides the foot and ankle with a good cushion support, as should be expected in any running shoe. The shoe features Asics gel cushioning in the heel unit and the toe box.

Flexible shoes can help the referee in running with a more natural motion. The flexibility of this shoe allows for a fluid heel-to-toe transition and causes less fatigue for the referee.

The great features on this shoe include the cushioning, flexibility and its weight. These allow the referee to run up and down the court with ease, so they can observe every play and make the right call every time (no matter what the fans might think of it).

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