Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball in 2019

best basketball shoes for volleyball in 2015

Basketball’s not the only sport that requires a lot of quick movements. Volleyball also involves a lot of jumping as well as quick movements and changes of direction.

It might not be the first thing on most people’s minds, but choosing a good pair of shoes in the sport of volleyball is key for success and for the wellbeing of your feet, knees and back.

A great spike into the other team’s court is the goal of many players. It not only looks great but it also makes it difficult for the opposing team to return the ball. But getting off the ground to make the play starts with your feet, and your shoes are key. Constantly trying to jump has its downsides. This is where the selection of good shoes comes into play.

Good volleyball shoes should have great cushioning which helps the player in hard landings and reduces stress on the knees and joints. This is going to help avoid not only discomfort but also long-term injury.

Another thing that a good volleyball shoe should have is good traction. This allows the player to quickly move around and stop without worrying about slipping.

In this article, we will discuss the three best basketball shoes for volleyball. This will help you not only enjoy the game you love. It also helps minimize the long-term wear and tear on your joints! Let’s have a look at the best basketball shoes for volleyball.

List of the Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Nike Men’s LeBron XI Basketball Shoe Review

Lebron XI

Nike’s Lebron XI comes with one of the best cushioning technologies, a combination of Nike lunarlon and zoom cushioning combined in the sole of the shoe. The entire sole is thick and made of a material that compresses to provide cushioning. It’s also designed to mold to the shape of your foot over time to provide good arch support.  The lockdown lacing system provides a great feel around the ankle that also gives good ankle support. A lot of injuries happen after you land from your jumps. The Lebron XI, even though mainly used for basketball, will provide protection against the kind of impact you’ll experience in volleyball. It’s a great shoe if you want to play basketball and volleyball with one shoe.

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Nike Kobe XI EM Low Basketball Shoe Review

Kobe Low Shoe

The second shoe on our list of the best basketball shoes for volleyball is the Kobe XI. This is an athletic and lightweight shoe that features a lunarlon insole for cushioning. The shoe features an engineered mesh that makes it flexible.

This is a low-top shoe, which allows for greater range of motion. But it still provides good ankle support because of the flywire. The flywire in the shoe wraps around your foot when you tighten up the laces and provides good lockdown and support.

The traction pattern is great and makes quick movements easy. The light weight and flexibility of the sneaker allow the player to be quick and agile. Volleyball players usually require light-weight shoes that can provide heel protection, and the Kobe XI shoe has both of these features.

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Nike Hyperdunk 2014 TB Men’s Basketball ShoeReview

Nike HyperDunk 2014 basketball shoe review

The Nike Hyperdunk is a great all-around shoe. It uses Nike zoom cushioning and has a combination of diamond and herringbone traction that provides stability and supports movements in all directions.

If you’re a volleyball player, you’ll want to be able to change directions quickly. You’ll need to be getting in position to make a spectacular dive or a thunderous block of an attempted smash. These shoes will provide mobility and protection to take those smashes.

This is a high-top shoe and wraps around the ankle to support the ankle joint and prevent injuries. This means it will be great if you accidentally roll your ankles during landings. The zoom unit in the heel helps protect from the direct impact of hard landings. Overall, it’s great for volleyball players because it’s light and has fantastic ankle support.

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Our Favorite

From the cushioning to the traction, all three of these shoes are great for a volleyball player. They all provide the important features you need.

If you are looking for a shoe that is unique and comes in many different colors and styles then we would recommend the Lebron XI. This shoe is available in many different colors that allow the players to have their unique style displayed by their shoes.  If you are looking for a shoe that adds style to your game and that can be a good sneaker for everyday use, then the Kobe XI might be the shoe for you.  The Hyperdunk is great for a player who wants a good shoe that is supportive and comfortable.

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