Best Converse Basketball Shoes in 2019

Basketball lovers or players will surely know about converse basketball shoes. They commonly use this brand in basketball competition or daily training. Being the one of the best quality shoes in the world, converse provides so many kinds of shoes for various activities, from running, football, sneaker, basketball shoes  and others. No wonder, if there are so many people who are interested in using converse products for their daily activities, such as sports, hanging out, hiking, until going to college.

Every product of converse shoes made from high-quality material for producing. For everyone who used this converse product for basketball, converse have some choices basketball shoes with promising quality which you can choose according your style.


List Of The Best Converse Basketball Shoes In 2018


Converse CONS Aero Jam

Converse Special Ops mid

Converse Weapon Md Hi

Converse for Three mid


*Price (The price may change frequently due to special sales, market, and demand.  On the table $ = less than $100, $$= $100 to $150, $$$= $150 to $200, and $$$$= above $200)


 1. Converse for Three mid Basketball Shoe

Converse for Three mid Basketball Shoe

Using basketball shoes during the exercise or real competition is needed to prevent any injuries that may occur to the players. Due to this reason, every player should use converse basketball shoes for the best safety and comfort. One of the best converse shoes for playing basketball is converse for three mid men’s basketball shoe which is available in several colours, such as white, grey and red.

Converse for three mid men’s basketball shoes is made from high-quality leather but smooth in use. With the smooth materials on top of the shoes, you can make fast moving supported by durability and comfort of this shoes. Finally, these shoes are priced under $100.

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2. Converse CONS Aero Jam (Larry Johnson Retro)


Converse CONS aero jam is the one of some best converse basketball shoes you may be choose. This is the one of the converse product which made from sneakers type with ankle neck shoes. This kind of shoes with lockdown strips, so that, make the basketball players easier to wear this shoes.

Although converse CONS aero jam or called Larry Johnson retro looks like sneakers, this is on of the best basketball shoes by converse you may be like. Made from high-quality materials, this shoes have good aero filter that make the players feel comfort. Additionally, it also has the price between $90 to $110, according to the color and size of the shoes.

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3. Converse Weapon Md Hi Men’s Shoes


Another one of the basketball shoes that you may be like is converse weapon Md Hi men’s shoes which is the type of the athletic sneakers with the strong grip. Like the others sneakers, this type of converse shoes which have high neck feature complete with lace.

This kind of shoes can make your style become fashionable and sporty. Because the converse weapon shoes designed sporty for playing basketball, running, and etc but looks like casual shoes. So that, you can use this best converse basketball shoe become your sport and casual shoes.

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4. Converse Special Ops mid Men’s Shoe 


Besides some of the shoes above, you may choose the converse special ops mid men’s shoes type to be your basketball shoes. Being the best players on the basket team can be happened when your basketball shoe is to support your movement. So that, converse special ops designed to be sneakers made of synthetic leather and looks more fashionable than other sporty shoes.

The midsole of Converse special ops shoe made from soft rubber that can support the comfort and durability. From every kind of the converse shoes you may be like,  converse basketball shoes can be one of the best basketball shoes you may choose for your sport activities especially with its price that are around $60 which is quite affordable for converse brand shoes.

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Those for are the best converse basketball sneaker in this year. Which one of those shoes is your favorite?


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