Basketball is a game that requires strength, speed, and agility. The basketball game is not only played by men, but also by women. Of course, women basketball players require shoes that fit with them. Currently, they have had a lot of basketball shoes made specifically for women with the specifications and shapes tailored to the needs. Generally, choosing between men and women shoes are less the same. You can see on this page to find out the best women’s basketball shoes and how to choose the basketball shoes for you.

Reviews and Guides for the Best Women’s Basketball Shoes



Nike Women's Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker
High-TopCentersLeather + Synthetic$$4.7

Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi

Women's Adidas Originals HardCourt

Nike Womens Air Force 1 07 Low

PUMA Women's FTR Slipstream LT Fashion

 Table Descriptions:
  • The Picture of The Shoe (which contain links to the basketball store so you can purchase the shoe easily by clicking the picture or the name of the shoe under the picture)
  • Type of the best women’s basketball shoe (Low-Top, Mid-Top and High-Top)
  • Weight of Each Shoe (pounds)
  • Material Used For The Shoe
  • Price (On the table $ = less than $100, $$= $100 to $150, $$$= $150 to $200, and $$$$= above $200)

More information about the models above:


Nike Women’s Dunk Sky Hi Sneakers

Nike Womens Dunk Sky Hi Sneaker Green

Nike women’s Dunk sky Hi is one of the best women’s shoes. It has a lot of variation design and color you can choose. It has great traction and durability which of course, make you more secure and comfortable while playing. The shoe looks very stylish and also feels comfortable when used, and that because the shoe fits perfectly in your feet. Good for centers or forwards position.


Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi Women’s

If you are looking for a shoe with good quality and a lot of advantages, Nike Air Revolution Sky is the right choice. Equipped with Polyurethane midsole and Air-Sole system to make sure you will get better performance. The grip and traction are very good. It looks strong and durable. Maybe a little bit heavier but that is not reallt matter. The price for this shoe is from $190 to $200.


Women’s Adidas Originals Hardcourt Basketball Sneakers

Adidas has been making basketball shoes for a long time. Not only for men, but they also make basketball shoes for women. The interface looks natural but not too stylish. This shoe feels light and comfortable to wear. A tough rubber sole gives good traction so you can play hard wherever you go while also giving you good support and protection against impact even on the hard streets..The classic, high silhouette gives your ankles a dose of extra protection whether you’re on or off the court. The price for the shoe is $99.


Nike Women’s Air Force 1 ‘07


This shoe is made of leather. It is very soft and comfortable when used. It looks very attractive and stylish. Polyurethane midsole with Air-Sole system making the shoe has sweet shock absorption and a smooth ride. The grip is quite good, although the herringbone design is not really deep. The shoe fits perfectly. It’s a must if you want to play basketball with more speed and sharp movements.


Puma Women’s FTR SlipStream LT Fashion

The last (but not the least) is Puma FTR Slipstream LT Fashion. The interface looks very attractive. I think this is the best in term of looks and style. Beside that, This shoe also feels comfortable when you wear it. The price ranges between $53 to $99 depending on the color and the size. It is very suitable for you who play in the centers or forwards position.


Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W

Adidas Pro Model Zero W has gained some great popularity for women’s basketball players. There are many good reviews about the shoe. It is really comfortable and especially for the ankles. There is one thing interesting in the shoe. The interchangeable stripes that you can mix and match them to compliment any apparel you wear. You can buy the shoe at a price below $ 100.