Big and Tall Basketball Shorts

Buying a pair of basketball shorts is never the easiest choice in the world. Buying them in the Big and Tall category only makes it even harder. Let’s take a look at the world of Big and Tall basketball shorts, find out what you should be looking for and how you can get the best bang for your buck.

A quick look at Basketball Shorts

So where do you even begin when looking at what to buy and what will work best for you. The huge selection of shorts available can be mind-bending at times. What material should you be looking for, what kind of fit is right for you and what budget can you reasonably be working with?

You may remember the globetrotter days of basketball shorts pre 1980’s with the high waisted shorts that only came down the mid-thigh. These along with the knee high socks are not the ones you will be looking for. This look is way too retro. Today’s Basketball shorts are the long-legged, breathable and comfortable ones we see on the streets and on TV. They are good for the court, summer days and lounging around due to their fashionable appearance and high comfort levels. Depending on the use you want from these shorts depends on what types to look at.

What Material is Best For Me?

There is a wide selection of materials to choose from these days. So much research is put into sportswear that you can guarantee there will be something for every situation out there. Whether you want them for lounging around the house, playing in a heated indoor court or shooting some hoops in your cold outdoor neighbourhood court you will be able to be warm and comfortable. We can take a quick look at the three most common types used by manufacturers today to help you choose your favourite.


This is definitely the most comfortable material used with Basketball Shorts. Its thick cotton fabric is great for relaxing around the house or playing in colder weathers. It is good for sensitive skin and feels great too. The quality will show in its durability lasting longer than most other short materials. The main downside is its weight. If you’re looking for maximum weight loss and speed this most likely isn’t the one for you. It will also suck up a lot of moisture if you’re playing in the wet.


This material is definitely the most commonly seen in Basketball Shorts. It is usually cheaper than the special materials or cotton that you may see. It is much more lightweight than cotton but won’t be as warm or comfortable. On the plus side it won’t suck up the moisture that cotton shorts would so is better if you are playing in the wet. Be aware that it won’t be as hard wearing as many other types of material and will show signs of wear and tear quickly.

Special Materials

There are materials out there designed specifically for sportswear that will help your body stay at the right temperature, minimise sweating and keep you in full comfort. These materials can be Gore-Tex, Dri-Fit, Rayon and many many more. Each has their own specific qualities but they are all designed to keep you in the best shape during playing. They will always be more expensive but they will give you the best playing experience. They are not the greatest for lounging around in or just wearing casually but if you want the best performance then these are the ones for you.

Buying for Big and Tall

It isn’t easy buying for the Big and Tall range. The shorts are either too short or too narrow, the crotch to waist is way too short or the waistline is way too big. This just doesn’t work on the court. Comfort, flexibility and fit are key if you want the best out of your playing. Lounging around in a badly fitting pair is no fun either. We will take a look at a few products later to figure out if they’re the right fit for the Big and Tall size range rather than just Big or Tall.

Benefits of Basketball Shorts

Of course, when playing sport, whatever you are comfortable with is what is best to wear for you but certain items of clothing definitely benefit your playing more than others. Basketball shorts are designed precisely for the sport and improve your comfort and style on the court in a variety of way.


Basketball shorts have been designed to cling to the body as little as possible. The space between the leg and the fabric allows air flow and some much-needed ventilation. Overheating will always cut your game short.

Room to Move

If you want to be making your moves on the court; getting in those jumps and fast manoeuvres, you’re going to need space. Rather than clinging to the body and restricting your movement, basketball shorts give you the room to be free.


Basketball shorts have become iconic. Each team and player has their own and a number have become collectables. Nothing makes your dunks cooler than looking stylish whilst doing it.

Let’s Have a Look at a Few Big and Tall Basketball Shorts

1. Russell Athletic Cotton Jersey Shorts

These Jersey shorts look great and feel great. Priced between $16 and $35 dollars they are not the cheapest on the market but the cotton or cotton blend will keep you comfortable and warm throughout the year.


100% cotton in the navy and black selection so you know they will last. The other two colours are a cotton Polyester blend.

Elastic and Drawstring waistband. These will keep your shorts up even when moving around the court.

Deep-Pocketed for keeping your belongings in if you are playing in a street court or wearing them for day to day life.

Stylish Embossed lettering on the leg, not overstated or showy but a sure sign of class.


Cotton fabric, not great for heat or water resistance. Although it is softer, it will hold a lot of liquid and become heavy.

Not the cheapest available on the market. This isn’t necessarily the worst thing, you often pay for quality.

Prone to bad handiwork, the drawstring has a habit of breaking quite quickly.

Other than the Black and Navy, all other colours are a cotton blend. Polyester is certainly the cheaper of the materials and won’t be as comfortable as the cotton equivalent.

2. Southpole Basic Basketball Mesh Shorts

It is hard to find a pair of shorts that will cover the knee in the Big and Tall range but these shorts deliver. The mesh polyester will keep you cool and not cling to the leg or feel heavy. These shorts are lightweight for both physical weight and price.


A great low price at only $10. The price doesn’t mean bad quality in this case with these long-lasting and durable shorts.

Mesh shorts allow for a lot of breathabilities and a lot of airflows whilst moving around.

Fall below the knee, something which is hard to find in the Big and Tall range.


Polyester mesh: not the best or most comfortable material to use. Will also wear out a lot quicker than the more expensive alternatives.

Can be a little too tight for some Big and Tall men.

3. At The Buzzer Basketball Shorts

A stylish pair of athletic shorts that are good for on the court and around the house. The Polyester material has been designed specially to give you the maximum comfort and flexibility to keep you cool.


Durability. These shorts feature a double stitched seam that will help them last just that bit longer under duress.

Lots of space to move around. These shorts are specifically lightweight to keep you moving around without overheating.

Stylish designs will make you stand out wherever you wear them.


Slight Static for the first couples of wears but nothing that will last all that long.

The leg is a little too long on a lot of the shorts for some men.

Not the best material you can find.

4. Better Wear Basketball Shorts

These versatile shorts are again 100% polyester but feature high moisture wicking to keep away all the extra moisture the shorts may end up soaking up with sweat or bad weather. These breathable shorts will work both for basketball and for many other sports that may require a lot of leg movement.


These shorts have specifically focussed on softening the polyester fabric used. No chaffing or discomfort will be experienced.

Water repellent fabric will keep these shorts dry and light even when it is raining or you are playing hard.

Coming in many different colours and styles, there is something for everyone with these cheap shorts.


100% Polyester is not the best available fabric on the market. Although lightweight and breathable it will wear out quickly.

Only an elastic waist, not as much security in the fit than with a drawstring.

Quite shallow pockets don’t give the desired security.

5. Choice Apparel Two Tone Training Shorts

Fashionable and extra long two-tone shorts that look good on the streets and on the court. They are extra comfortable at a pretty good price. Many different colours are available to suit any combination with the rest of your kit.


A wide selection of cool colours to go along with any kit selection.

Extra-long legs for that three quarter length style.

Super thin material will keep you cool in even the hottest conditions


Often don’t fit the customer. Far too thin on the leg and waist

Thin material will often rip or wear through quickly

Shows sweat quite a lot, that doesn’t look good in any situation.

What Do We Think is the Best?

For us, it is going to have to be the At The Buzzer shorts. Although they are a polyester material rather than cotton or something more specific, they are comfortable and really breathable. The double stitched seam has given them the extra strength that makes up for the weaker material and means we don’t worry when on the court. The stylish colours on selection mean we can choose what we want to go with the rest of our gear and keep it stylish. Despite the usual sizing problems with Big and Tall, we were happy with the size of these shorts.

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