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Sneaker Sports Memorabilia from Steiner Sports

You don’t have to read a newspaper to realize how times have changed; just look at your feet. Sneakers used to be shoes you threw on to play outdoors? Even the word is a bit passé. “Sneakers” are out. “Athletic” is in. Back in the day, there

Cheap Adidas Basketball Shoes with Best Quality

Till now, there are some Cheap Adidas basketball shoes that are really popular among many people. These basketball shoes are already globally produced and receive a huge respond from numerous basketball fans. These Adidas basketball shoes are relatively cheap because they want to widen their market target

Air Jordan 4 Retro Sneakers Review

It will be better if you managed to find decent shoes you have been looking for a while, especially due to the huge varieties of shoes you can find nowadays. Air Jordan is one of the most popular choice nowadays, which offer unique design and stylish looks

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 773 II Review

Basketball is one of the best sport you can enjoy to have some fun and keep your body healthy at the same time, especially if you are wearing the right gear to play it. Basketball shoes is quite necessary if you want to play  comfortably, which is


You all must’ve known Allen Iverson. The figure of Allen Iverson maybe a little bit different with other NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He is best known as a basketball player with a poor self-attitude. However, his ability on the field

Nike LeBron XI Elite Basketball Shoe Review

  If you are bored with a no cool colorful basketball shoes, and want to have a more looking cooler shoe, Nike LeBron XII may be the first option. Packaged in a dark color dominance alloys such as dark red, gold, and black, this shoe also looks