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Best Basketball Shoes for Beginners

A good basketball shoe can really help beginners to improve their game and play with confidence. A shoe that provides stability, cushioning and ankle support can really improve your performance on the court. Whether you are young or old, a good shoe can provide an advantage over

Sneaker Sports Memorabilia from Steiner Sports

You don’t have to read a newspaper to realize how times have changed; just look at your feet. Sneakers used to be shoes you threw on to play outdoors? Even the word is a bit passé. “Sneakers” are out. “Athletic” is in. Back in the day, there

Top 5 Wide Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

There are many wide basketball shoes that are meant for players with wide feet available in many sport centers and almost every online shop sites. Wide shoes for basketball has become a trend today because of the game itself, basketball, has been swept the world with a

Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

If talking about basketball footwear, there a broad selection of basketball sneakers you can choose from forefront brands such as Adidas and Nike. They are leading brands, which produce quality basketball sneakers. In a basketball team, each player has to wear quality basketball footwear. Point guard players,

Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Centers You Need to Buy

The centers of basketball team players have a great role in a basketball game. Centers are a crucial position in basketball where the players are chosen according to specific requirements. Usually, the centers are tall and have good strength and body. The center players are an asset