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You all must’ve known Allen Iverson. The figure of Allen Iverson maybe a little bit different with other NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He is best known as a basketball player with a poor self-attitude. However, his ability on the field

The Benefits of Doing Sports in Afternoon

Many people prefer to exercise in the morning because it can increase your body’s metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. Therefore, someone will have more energy in living their daily activities. In addition, the morning air is still clean so that sports activities will feel

3 Simple Way to Get Arm Stronger

Hey, basketball lovers, In addition to the skill and technique, there are other things that you must develop in order the make you a better player, the muscle strength. It becomes very important because when you play basketball, you will be vulnerable to collision with an opposing

Leg Sleeves – Basketball Item You Should Have

Basketball is a sport with a high intensity and requires dynamic motion. Hence, no wonder that basketball players are often get injured in leg and knee.   The use of leg sleeves is very important for the basketball player, who always moves dynamically on the field. Yep,

Nike LeBron XI Elite Basketball Shoe Review

  If you are bored with a no cool colorful basketball shoes, and want to have a more looking cooler shoe, Nike LeBron XII may be the first option. Packaged in a dark color dominance alloys such as dark red, gold, and black, this shoe also looks

Best Basketball Players List : Kobe Bryant

Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world after football. In America, basketball is very popular sport than football or soccer. That is why NBA (basketball league) was very high-rated programs in every single country in United States of America. Who do not know Adam