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Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

If talking about basketball footwear, there a broad selection of basketball sneakers you can choose from forefront brands such as Adidas and Nike. They are leading brands, which produce quality basketball sneakers. In a basketball team, each player has to wear quality basketball footwear. Point guard players,

Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Centers You Need to Buy

The centers of basketball team players have a great role in a basketball game. Centers are a crucial position in basketball where the players are chosen according to specific requirements. Usually, the centers are tall and have good strength and body. The center players are an asset

Top 5 Best Basketball Players In 2014 Playing As Point Guards

Some basketball players are born to be superstar of basketball court and some are not. Yet, there is a saying, “every dog has his day”. This saying might be true because each year, NBA acknowledges some talented basketball superstars who are successful in achieving their peak performance

Top 10 Best Basketball Point Guards 2014

In basketball game, there are several positions that are crucial to be filled. Point guard for instance, is a standard position in basketball. This position is more specialized than any other position. To take this position, the basketball player has to be skillful in running because the