Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes For Forwards

Most professional basketball players always wear high-quality basketball shoes. The quality is important because basketball shoes with good quality are usually made of top material and have great functions that can support the basketball players on match. Prior to buying basketball shoes, first and foremost you have to check the quality because you must not want something bad happens when you wear the shoes. Here are leading basketball shoes brands that can become your consideration such as Nike and Reebok. For consideration, this article provides 5 best basketball shoes for forwards.

Best Basketball Shoes for Forwards


Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Mid

Reebok Men's Q96 Crossexamine
Nike Air Jordan Flight Club '97NikeSynthetic4.8$$

Nike Men's Zoom Hyperfuse

Reebok Men's Kamikaze II


1. Air Jordan 1 Mid

Nike Air jordan 1 mid - best basketball shoes for forwards

Nike Air Jordan 1 mid

The basketball shoes feature premium leather and nice cushioning as seen on the Air-sole system. This model is the development of the original version of Air Jordan 1, which has broken the records. Wearing Air Jordan Mid 1 gives benefits; the solid rubber with the air-sole system gives the best protection for heels, the solid rubber supports flexibility and traction. With such system, it is very possible for breathability. The full-grain leather gives the smooth touch and is durable for long-term use.

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2. Reebok Men’s Kamikaze II

reebok men's kamikaze II

Reebok Men’s Kamikaze II

With the release of men’s kamikaze II, there were so many professional basketball players who wore these shoes. What is so special with Reebok men’s kamikaze II. If seen from the exterior, the shoes are full of detail. Why you have to choose these pairs of shoes? They are good for everyday. They also feature lightweight design and high quality cushioning in the forefoot. The shock can protect feet from injuries. Overall, wearing these shoes will give freedom when you move.

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3. Reebok Men’s Q96 Crossexamine

reebok men's Q96 crossexamine

Reebok Men’s Q96 Crossexamine

The next best basketball shoe for forwards is Reebok Men’s Q96. Are you looking for different basketball shoes? Then you have come here at the right place because Reebok men’s Q96 Crossexamine is designed with features stunning look and advanced technology for ultimate performance at the game. The design of these shoes is modern as seen on the leather and the “q” logo. This Cross Examine model also features great technology, 3D Fuse frame as well as the DMX foam. Thus, if you wear these shoes, you will not get slipped.

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4. Nike Air Jordan Flight Club ’97

Nike Air Jordan Flight Club '91

Nike Air Jordan Flight Club ’97

It is designed with advanced features that support great performance. In the bold color style, you will feel like dominating the court. These shoes are considerably to give stability. Under the heel, you will see the Nike Air unit that keeps you feel comfortable and protected from hard movement. Choose these premium shoes because many benefits they offer. The shoes are comfortable as provided with soft cushioning. The designs look to stand out with the premium leather. The design is then durable. For ultimate protection, the shoes have interior booty.

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5. Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Nike Zoom Hyperfuse


It is also one of 5 best basketball shoes for forwards you should take into account.  The 2013 version of Nike zoom hyperfuse is different. Mainly, these shoes are made for tough games. Supersonic and professional basketball players should wear these shoes. Others are about the lightweight design that eases you to move. The color can boost your style at court. The zoom air cushioning also supports players to move with agility, stability or to make quick moves.  Well, those are 5 best basketball shoes for forwards that possess high quality for players.

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