Top 5 Coolest Basketball Shoes in 2019

Nowaday, playing good is not enough, your appearance is also an important part for being a topnotch players.

If you are looking for a fancy style, cool design, and great color’s combination of basketball shoes, we will give you the list of the coolest basketball sneakers which totally will make you more attractive and stylish.


Top 5 Coolest Basketball Shoes List

1. Nike Jordan Men’s Flight Luminary 

Nike Jordan Men’s Flight Luminary


By selecting the right shoes will certainly affect the appearance during activity amid a lot of people even a good appearance will be the center of attention of many people. It would be very cool if it’s happen to us. Nike Jordan Men’s Flight Luminary comes with the latest models on the corner of the shoe is made of a base material is shiny and translucent mica.

This one of the coolest basketball shoes is very suitable for playing both indoor and outdoor. There is also a variety of colors that make this shoe suits worn by both men and women.

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2. Adidas CC Stealth, Tim Duncan Undercrown Edition – Check Price

Adidas CC Stealth – Tim Duncan Undercrown Edition


Among the various types of shoes and models and styles available today, Adidas CC Stealth – Tim Duncan Undercrown Edition are one type of shoe that is different compared to other models.

Adidas CC Stealth has the special edition on the color will be wrapped with a touch of black color complete with rope and glue on shoes, shoe type is suitable for the sport of basketball both men and women.The Special Edition is available as well as various sizes to adjust the foot shape.


3. Jordan Mens Air Jordan 6 Retro 

Jordan Mens Air Jordan 6 Retro

Jordan Mens Air Jordan 6 Retro


Coolest basketball shoes today are designed with the latest display with diverse shapes sizes to adjust the size of the feet of the sports lovers. Look attractive while doing an activity or hobby that tune will add to the feel comfortable and confident when doing so. Jordan Mens Air Jordan 6 Retro is the type of shoes that are classified as flexible, meaning that this shoe is also suitable and appropriate when worn in public places and into the shoes with daily function.

Although its main function is to exercise alone, this shoe is designed with a more elegant form of the premises bandage black color to the basic color. Moreover,  the motif is also simple but still exudes the elegant and appropriate. This shoe lover generally is a male student who likes sports.

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4. Nike Kobe 9 EM

Nike Kobe 9 EM


High confidence will affect the skill and ability. This basketball shoe designed with a smooth and soft and lightweight, it will be advantageous when it is in a state of jumping. Nike Kobe 9 EM is a kind of sports shoes with a slightly lower standard with the high heel.

In addition to exercising is also worth a basketball shoe and fit when worn to play volleyball. These shoes are specially designed for male adolescents are who likes sports.


5. Reebok Men’s Shaq Attaq

Reebok Men’s Shaq Attaq


This is a kind of basketball shoes favored by top and famous athletes. Many people often use these shoes in sports activities as well as everyday use. This shoe comes with straps to tighten mounting only on foot.

In addition, these shoes have a distinctive color that is black and some motifs in bright colors such as yellow and white. In addition to playing basketball, this shoe is also suitable when to update the appearance and lifestyle.

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