Youth Girls Basketball Shoes

When looking for basketball shoes it is easy to find hundreds of videos, articles, blogs, and reviews detailing and breaking down the intricacies of each shoe out there on the market. Although whilst browsing it soon becomes apparent that one thing is missing. Basketball shoe reviews for women, even more so; reviews for young women. It is a sport that is enjoyed by both sexes and the sportswear is made and sold for both. It only stands to reason that there should be reviews for basketball shoes for the female youth. In this article, we will break down and review specifically for this demographic.

This article will aim to highlight each individual element to look out for in Basketball shoes and the reasons for them. We will then break down a few select youth girls basketball shoes and pick out their pros and cons.


Whilst browsing basketball shoes, one thing will crop up over and over again: The cut of the shoe. Basketball shoes come in three main and individual styles, High-top, Mid-top, and Low-top. There are cuts in between but they all derive from these three. Each cut has its own merits on the court and what you choose depends on where and how you play.

High-Tops – Made for the forward player. These high ankle shoes hold the foot in tightly and give the ankle a huge amount of extra strength. The high top helps translate the movement of the leg and ankle into higher jumps and provide much more support on the court.

Mid-Tops – These are the court all-rounder. They have enough ankle support to provide a boost to the jump and are cut low enough to allow fast pivoting and a faster sprint. They are more lightweight than the high tops but not quite as much as the lows. Jack of all trades style of basketball shoe.

Low-Top – These low ankle shoes have a close resemblance to running shoes or other fast moving sports shoes. Their lower ankle gives less support against rolling and twisting but allows the wearer to have quicker direction changes and a much faster acceleration rate than the high tops. They are the lightest cut for the court and best for the speedy player.

What to look for

Of course, when buying basketball shoes, it goes a lot further than just knowing what height ankle works best for you. Each shoe comes with some careful research and design implemented to make sure the shoe is as comfortable and supportive as it can be when playing the sport. The shoes are designed specifically with basketball in mind and the shoes reflect that. Ensuring that the player can get the best out of themselves they possibly can means that the shoe has to stand up to some serious work. Here are a few more things to look for when checking out reviews.

Traction – The ability for the shoe to grip the floor. Checking that the tread on the outer sole is suitable for the court you play on is important. Without good traction, you will slip, fall and sometimes injure yourself.

Fit – if your shoe does not fit your foot properly it will lead to either a lot of discomfort with a shoe that is too small or rolling around in a shoe that is too big. Having properly fitting shoes keeps the foot locked in and provides maximum responsiveness on the court.

Cushion – Having an innersole that provides cushion will allow you to play for much longer. Sports take a serious toll on the soles of the feet and ensuring that a comfortable cushion is provided means you can play for longer without having to worry about damaged feet. Cushion comes in many forms from Nike’s air pockets to Memory foam innersoles.

Support – As mentioned before, different ankle heights provide different levels of ankle support. Knowing what playstyle is right for you means you can choose the support that corresponds. Support isn’t only limited to the height of the ankle though, Strong materials, arch support and lacing all come into play also to ensure that your feet will not get damaged by weak shoes.

Material – Sometimes a shoe company will opt for a cheaper material to make their shoes. This is reflected in the breathability, durability, and comfort felt when they are worn. Each material has its benefits and downfalls. Leathers are hard working and look great but may not be as breathable as some mesh composites and polyesters.

Durability – Last but certainly not least is the durability of the shoe. If you are going to be spending money on a pair of sneakers you want them to stand the test of time. You never want a piece of sportswear to give up on you before you do. The mark of a well-made pair of shoes is how long they last under a lot of court time.

Play Style

Understanding where you play on the court and the style in which you play makes a difference to what you buy. If you are the quicker player who likes to opt for rapid evades and snappy runs you will need a lightweight pair of shoes with a lot of movement in the ankles. If you like to play at shooting for hoops and standing your ground then high ankle support and durable materials will be the ones for you. All these elements must be taken into consideration when choosing shoes.

Reviewing Shoes

let us take a look at a selection of five different shoes. A brief summary followed by the pros and cons of each will help us decide what shoes would be the best for you. It will implement the different elements we had looked at before and show how they matter.

1. Women’s UA Torch Under Armour

This widely recognized brand endorsed by such big names as Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson has brought out these high-top basketball shoes. They come in a fire red and black color scheme and are priced at $94.99. They feature a leather outer and a perforated heel and forefoot. The sole is made up of a Micro G foam with a molded heel. A herringbone design provides the outsole with traction.

  • Extensive foam support in the innersoles.
  • Perforated Leather for breathability.
  • Moulded foam for extra comfort.
  • Quite Expensive.
  • Heavy trainers.

2. Nike Hyperdunk Women’s 2016

These trainers come in a multitude of very stylish colors. They are a high top cut and lace right to the top. These feature Nikes zoom Cushioning and an outer sole with a blade style grip. The shoe itself is made of mesh.

  • Mesh outer for great breathability.
  • Innovative Blade design on the outsole provides great traction.
  • Really great locked-in fit.
  • All-rounder shoe, not special in any way.
  • Traction pads are not great outdoors.

3. Nike Prime Hype DF 2016 Women’s

These are super high top shoes with a fitted ankle collar. They sport the well known Nike Swoosh down the side. Inside the shoe, we see that they have used firm filon cushioning on the innersole. The dual cushion has been used on the outer for added support. The outer sole features a circular track pattern. They can be picked up between $110 and $197.

  • Excellent traction.
  • Really snug fit.
  • Comfortable cushioning.
  • Very Expensive.
  • Not great for the outdoor court.
  • Nothing special in material usage.

4. Adidas Pro Model Zero W Women’s

These are our first mid tops to review in this article. They come in a selection of colors all featuring the Adidas three stripe on the side. They are currently priced between $59.99 and $84.99. They feature Adidas’ own shell toe and a Torsion System in the mid-foot.

  • Incredibly Lightweight.
  • Loads of Ankle Support.
  • Arch support in the foot.
  • Very tight in the Toe Box.

5. Nike Court Borough Mid’s Women

Priced at between $61.39 and $254.40 these are the second mid-top basketball shoes we are looking at. They have a suede and synthetic leather upper with perforated mesh and leather tongue. They have a vintage look about them and sport the Nike swoosh along the side.

  • Breathable Tongue.
  • Classic style.
  • Low Top gives great movement.
  • Synthetic Leather isn’t as durable as real leather.
  • Long break-in time.

In Conclusion

Now we have really had a long look at the different elements and aspects of Buying shoes for young women it becomes easier to make the decisions to buy. Traction, fit, cushioning, durability and materials all need to be taken into consideration and make a whole world of difference when working on the court. A great pair of trainers can be found for anyone as long as the right play style and know how is put into the decision.


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