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Top 5 Basketball Shoes for Kids in 2019

Whether you are buying your kids a present for their birthdays or just to support them with their hobby of playing basketball, there are a few best basketball shoes for kids that you could consider before you purchase the shoes that you are going to give for

Sneaker Sports Memorabilia from Steiner Sports

You don’t have to read a newspaper to realize how times have changed; just look at your feet. Sneakers used to be shoes you threw on to play outdoors? Even the word is a bit passé. “Sneakers” are out. “Athletic” is in. Back in the day, there

Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K Review

This Adidas performance isolation 2 K review is one of the most successful products of Adidas. This shoe is designed for kid usage in many sizes. This shoe came out with the various range of sizes start from little kid size to the big kid size. This shoe

Nike Air Max Ltd 3 Review and Specification

Nike Air Max Ltd 3 is a sport shoe branded by Nike. As we know that Nike is the largest manufacturing in term of sport. They concern more about sport’s stuff, but from the beginning they made shoes. Nike shoes as always become a trend among the shoes


You all must’ve known Allen Iverson. The figure of Allen Iverson maybe a little bit different with other NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron James. He is best known as a basketball player with a poor self-attitude. However, his ability on the field