Here we will take a detailed look at the Nike Air Jordan V Retro Low trainers. We will take some time to look at each and every feature of this shoe such as the comfort, fit, durability and style. Hopefully, we will be able to help you decide if these are the shoes for you. The retro range is Air Jordan’s way of reintroducing all their classic and favourite trainers back to the market for the newer wearers to relive their glory days.


What’s new since the IV’s

The Nike Air Jordan V’s have a few newer features compared to the older IV’s. Most noticeable is the clear lace lock system sitting comfortably at the top of the tongue. This little gadget will stop your laces tangling, coming undone or losing tension to keep you really locked in. The Newer Air Jordan’s also feature a little lower cushioning on the front foot giving you a closer to the court feel compared to the IV’s. In addition to the lower front foot cushioning, the air max pads are slightly softer making them much more forgiving on the foot over long periods of play.

The Old Look Reinvented

These basketball shoes are in the ‘Low-top’ style which isn’t usual preferred by people planning to play basketball in the trainers but does bring a nice new style to the original look. These particular low-tops are available in a number of colourways, from the original red and white to some more exciting colours. They all feature the trademark Jumpman sole and have a spitfire style flame lick down the sides.

Staying on Your Feet

Of course, one of the most important parts of choosing a sports shoe is making sure it is up to the task. With Basketball shoes, we need a lot of traction on the court. The Nike Air Jordan V’s feature a herringbone traction pad on the toe and heel of the shoe. This delivers some grip on the court but will pick up dust and loose traction if you don’t wipe them off. The grip actually isn’t all that great in the heel and the shoe would only improve with a little more court purchase in the rear.

How do They Feel?

These trainers have used the air max cushioning pad in the back. The visible pad does look great but over a long period, it can be quite uncomfortable and not actually provide that much support. The forefoot air cushion is very slim and will leave you only a short distance from the court. The material used in the actual body of the shoe is quite soft which is great if you want to play in them straight out of the box. The ventilation allowed by these shoes is excellent. The mesh sides and tongue allow a lot of breathability in the shoe and leave your feet feeling fresh. As for the fit, they are a very snug and soft feeling shoe. With the addition of the lace lock, you should be able to get really securely locked into this shoe.

Will They Last?

The Air Jordan V retro is made up of quite a soft material and does begin to loose its stability quite quickly. For the first few plays the soft material will be forgiving on your feet but over time it will rapidly become too forgiving. The coating used on the leather to give it the effect they desire will often start to crack on Air Jordan V’s also, something that is often seen commonly across the range.

In Conclusion

Finally, after taking an in-depth look at these shoes we can make a decision about their overall performance. Although they are a great throwback to what will be a lot of peoples favourite Jordan trainer they don’t hold up so well. The uncomfortable inner isn’t complemented by the quickly worn out body of the shoe. Although they have a great look, the coating on the leather will quickly crack making these shoes look very tired.


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