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Basketball Shorts for Women

If you have been on the hunt for women’s basketball shorts then you know finding a great pair at a price that won’t break the bank can be difficult. Knowing what style, material, cut and price range works for you becomes a complex science. Staring at the

Best walking shoes for men

For most of us, walking is something that is unavoidable. We all do it, some of us more than others. Many of you may take it up as a hobby. Those who talk walking seriously know how important it is to make sure you are in footwear

5 Best Outdoor Men’s Basketball Shoes 2019

  Currently, shoe companies have created many innovate shoes that are tailored to the needs of the basketball players. Technology is evolving to make shoes that constantly increasing in terms of comfort, performance and quality. You can move more effective, faster and agile. Shoes are made well adapted to

Air Jordan 6 Retro Men’s Shoes Review

Finding proper shoes is not easy for most people, since they are looking for comfortable and stylish shoes to wear on a daily basis or when you are going to wear it for some jogging during the morning. Even so, you might want to find the best

Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 Basketball Review

Adidas Men’s Crazy 8 basketball is the newest shoe product of Adidas which is available in almost every big sport stores and sport online shops. This Adidas shoe is considered as one of the best recent basketball shoe products in the world. You can see a glimpse

Reebok Men’s Kamikaze IV Review

Reebok men’s kamikaze IV is one of the most popular Reebok items that had been released recently. This shoe is included in top lists of basketball shoes that has been conquered the world basketball shoe market because its sophisticated appearance, its performance review, and other features this

Under Armour Men’s UA JET Review

Under Armour UA JET is a basketball shoe branded by Under Armour, sport’s clothing and Accessories Company whose home base is in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Unlike Nike or Adidas, this company specialised in sport’s clothing for the first time it founded. The young Kevin Plank started this business in

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 773 II Review

Basketball is one of the best sport you can enjoy to have some fun and keep your body healthy at the same time, especially if you are wearing the right gear to play it. Basketball shoes is quite necessary if you want to play  comfortably, which is