Under Armour Men’s UA JET Review

Under Armour UA JET is a basketball shoe branded by Under Armour, sport’s clothing and Accessories Company whose home base is in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Unlike Nike or Adidas, this company specialised in sport’s clothing for the first time it founded.

The young Kevin Plank started this business in 1996. Plank is aware of the sweat and the hot of the athlete cloth. Baseball and American football jersey most make the athlete feel exhausted, the hot temperature inside make their energy or stamina drain faster.


Under Armour UA JET

Under Armour Jet

Under Armour Jet


Style and Design

Under Armour Jet takes a good care of your feet. This has been stated in some Under Armour UA JET reviews. Its model and design is unique. It gives concern to the ankle. It protects your ankle until about 5 centimetres above. Your ankle will be fit in it. You may feel wearing armour on your ankle. As the name Under Amour, Plank always wants to give protection armour on your feet so you don’t have to worry to do active movement.

The collar is designed with high-quality foam to keep the air circulation works well. The traction makes you are able to do a sudden stop from your top speed acceleration or slide from one place to another with a full speed. In addition, the cushion is able to keep your foot locked in.


Good Cushion and Traction

The athlete who wears his clothes will be dry, cool and light. This condition, of course gives a benefit to the athlete. Today he does the same thing to the shoes, Under Armour Jet. Under Armour Jet are affordable sport shoes with comfort cushion and multi-direction pattern traction.

Under Armour Jet also has a weakness. Just be careful when its traction getting worn out. It may make you slip after you jump. Take a look around the floor, the dirt on the floor may make you slip also.

Under Armour Jet is mostly used for sport activities. The safety concern makes it not as popular as Nike or Adidas to be wore with you in the mall. It also made for the children size. It is good for a child whose passion is in sport. Its cost is affordable, just like it has been stated in some Under Armour UA JET reviews. If you want shoes with a good protection and low cost, just buy these shoes. It is better to be used indoor since the leather is easy to get dirty.

Those are some of the Under Armour UA JET reviews that might be helpful for you.



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