Best Basketball shoes for Overpronation


Overpronation is a common foot condition that millions of people suffer from. It refers to the excessive rolling of the foot inwards when you land. If you are a basketball player, this can cause discomfort since you will be jumping and running a lot.

People who suffer from overpronation usually have low arches. It is a good idea to check out our best basketball shoes for people with flat feet article since people with flat feet suffer from similar problems.

To know if you have overpronation, you can just look at the wear and tear on your shoe’s soles. If your shoe shows more wear and tear on the inside edge, this could be the reason.

Today, we will look at some of the best basketball shoes for overpronation. We’ll also talk about some other options that can reduce the painful and damaging effects.

When choosing a basketball shoe, you should make sure it is lightweight and has a thin sole. Another option is to try running shoes made specifically for this condition. The third and final option is to get a special pair of insoles to help with your overpronation.

List of the Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation:

adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 4 Basketball Shoe Review

adidas men's isolation basketball shoe review

The adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 4 Basketball Shoe is the signature shoe of NBA star Derrick Rose. This shoe is not only lightweight and supportive, but is also nice to look at. The shoe features a rubber sole with a herringbone traction pattern. It has multiple flex screws for flexibility and fluid motion. Basically, this lightweight shoe will provide the same support as heavier shoes. But it also lets you perform quick movements.

The shoe features the adidas adiprene cushioning system which provides good comfort and support when you are playing. The lightweight shoe has a snug fit – almost like a sock! This provides good lockdown and support. This support helps prevent the foot from rolling in the shoe. The rubber sole provides a good grip and the athletic design improves your performance on the court. Overall, it’s a perfect blend of performance and style.

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 8 Running Shoe Review

best basketball shoes for overpronation

If you do a quick search for basketball shoes for overpronation, you won’t find many results. Many basketball shoes are stiff with a big rubber sole which makes them bulky. But if you are suffering from overpronation and still want to play basketball, you can try the ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 8 Running Shoe.

This shoe is specifically designed for those suffering this condition. It is a popular shoe for runners; if you are a basketball player, you can give it a try. It will definitely help provide relief while running.

The shoe features a full-length gel cushion which protects you from impact when your foot lands. The toe area of the shoe fits snugly but still has enough room. It features a DuoMax sole which improves stability and support. The ComforDry sock liner allows for breathability. It also features a spEVA midsole which provides stability and support. Overall, this shoe is excellent for anyone with overpronation. It could also be used as an everyday sneaker due to its comfort and anti-overpronating abilities.

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Spenco Insoles for Overpronation Review

Spenco Insole GRF Basketball

The third option on the list is to get a pair of insoles specifically designed for overpronation. These insoles can be inserted into your current basketball shoe and provide support and stability.

If the first two options do not work out for you, then you may have to get a pair of insoles. There are many companies that make insoles that specifically target the problem of overpronation in athletes. Spenco and Dr. Scholls Insoles are among the better-known companies.

The SpenCo GRF Basketball insole is designed specifically for basketball players. The sole is semi-rigid and can be inserted into your basketball shoe easily. It is also trimmable so if it does not fit correctly, you can fit it according to your needs.

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Our favorite

Our favorite would be a combination of a good basketball shoe with a good insole can be effective for many people suffering from overpronation. However, if you just want a shoe, then a running shoe specifically designed to address this condition, such as the ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 8, will be very beneficial. If you want a second pair for off the court, it can also be used for running and other daily activities.

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