Best New Balance Basketball Shoes in 2019

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. (NBAS), or also known as New Balance, is a footwear manufacturer of America. The company based in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company was founded in 1906 as a New Balance Arch Support Company. Today, New Balance has grown to become one of the largest sports shoe company in the world.

New Balance is quite famous for running shoes, but the company also makes basketball shoes with great quality. There is no big different in quality compared to any other company.


Top 3 New Balance Basketball Shoes in 2018


New Balance Men's BB82

New Balance Men's BB581

New Balance BB891


1. New Balance Men’s BB581 Basketball Shoe

New Balance Men's BB581

New Balance Men’s BB581


There are three best new balance basketball shoes in 2018. First is New Balance Men’s BB581 Basketball Shoe. This shoe has three color options, black, white with navy and white with black. With size options from 7 to 15,  the choice becomes more varied. This shoe has a weight of 379 grams. Because it is lightweight and strong, this shoe is perfect for slam dunk while playing basketball. With extra traction and comfortable cushioning, this shoe delivers on – and off – in the court.

BB581 is really the best New Balance basketball shoes product, with a herringbone outsole, make you really feel comfortable before the game, during the game, and after the game.

This shoe also has some interesting features. As stated earlier, herringbone outsole able to improve traction for lateral movement and spin faster.

The outsole also has no marking. With the N-Fuse technology, a soft cushioning foam layered with a solid structured on the midsole can add comfort and will feel ease for running.

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2. New Balance BB891 Performance Basketball Shoe

New Balance BB891


The second best New Balance basketball shoe is New Balance BB891 Performance Basketball Shoe. This shoe is sold at the price of from USD 30.00 to USD 80.00. The selection of the size of this shoe are 4 B(N), 4 D(M), 4 2E, 4.5 B, 4.5 D, 4.5 2E, 5 B(N), 5 D(M), 5 2E, 5.5 B(N), 5.5 D(M), 5.5 2E, 6 B(N), 6 D(M), 6 2E.

There are two colors that you could choose from this particular type of shoe, which is black and royal. This shoe uses synthetic and mesh materials with rubber on the sole for more durability and stylish look of the shoe’s design.

ABZORB foam combines with ABZORB EX at the top of the shoe is able to provide maximum air and shock absorption. Just like BB581, this model also completed by herringbone outsole which can give you for lateral traction and quick pivots. Dimensions of this product are 12 x 8 x 4 inches with 2 pounds weight. New Balance ensures you that this shoe will be comfortable to use.


3. New Balance Men’s BB82 Basketball Shoe

New Balance Men’s BB82


For the last, New Balance Men’s BB82 Basketball Shoe is the next best new balance basketball shoes. This shoe is sold at the price from USD 32.99 – USD 60.99. The selection of the size of this shoe is 5.5 D(M), 5.5 2E, 7 D(M), 7.5 D(M), 8 D(M), 8.5 D(M), 9 D(M), 9 2E, 9.5 D(M), 10 D(M) and 18 D(M).

This shoe has 3 color options, white/ silver, white/ royal and white/ red. This shoe is made from synthetic material and on the soles made from a soft rubber material that is able to give more impetus to the top when you jump. This shoe will be good when used for jump or run, so the basketball players who play in any positions will be fit to use this shoe.

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So, those are the 3 best New Balance basketball shoe. There are also many choices of shoes and other sport’s equipment that can be found on New Balance Store.


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