Best Signature Basketball Shoes of All Time

NBA (National Basketball Association) is an association which organizes professional basketball games in the United States of America. Not only in the United States, this competition is also known and being the goal of the basketball players around the world.

Many famous players that play in the NBA became the idol of the world. Names such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant must have often heard in the ears of fans of the NBA. Players like these of course, have become a brand that has a high sales value. 

There are many sports equipment manufacturers want to be their sponsor, including basketball shoes manufacturers which then make for these players their best signature basketball shoes.


Best Signature Basketball Shoes 

Kobe Bryant

There are three signature basketball shoes are the most popular ever made by Nike and Adidas for Kobe Bryant. First, in 1997, Kobe Bryant, who was sponsored by Adidas, got Adidas KB8. In that year, Kobe became popular because of his great performance in the NBA. In fact at that time, he is still a rookie in the NBA.

That shoe is a signed by Kobe which have agreed to sign the contract with Adidas. After Kobe finished his contract with Adidas in 2005, this shoe changed its name to Crazy 8.

Adidas Crazy 8

Adidas Crazy 8

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After that, Kobe eventually has a signed contract with Nike. Nike has created two signature basketball shoes are very popular for Kobe. The first in 2009, the Nike Zoom Kobe IV has become one with Kobe’s signature basketball shoes. The design of Eric Avar becomes the first signature basketball shoe with Fly Wire and Lunar Lite Foam feature, two beloved Nike technologies in recent years.

This shoe is the second lightest shoe that ever made by Nike (11.6 oz), trailing only with the Nike Zoom Kobe V.

Nike Zoom Kobe V

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Nike Zoom Kobe V, which began its production back in the 2010, was done to refine the model and design of the previous model from Nike. Nike Zoom Kobe V is actually very light and very comfortable when you use it. This shoe is one big support factor that made the excellent jump done by Kobe when he did a slam dunk.

From all signature basketball shoes that are around, Kobe himself had admitted that this could be one of the best. Nike had also admitted that this particular model of shoes is much in demand.


Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the NBA stars who have a lot of best signature basketball shoes; they are mostly named Air Jordan. The first Air Jordan was made in the year of 1985, it was Air Jordan I. This is one of the shoe models with a sweet history especially with Jordan. With this shoe, Jordan himself was able to achieve Rookie of the year back in 1985.

Not only that, he also made history with other Air Jordan series. The Air Jordan VI was made back in 1991. It was sure to be a special model for Jordan because he won his first NBA championship. He also got the second of 5 MVP trophies with it too.

Air Jordan VI retro Img:

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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are indeed two of the most popular basketball players who are able to create a brand that they use to have very high-value sales.


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