Collectible Basketball Items for Basketball Lover

There are many collectible basketball items that are widely available on many stores and internet shops. Collectible items are items that would be included in someone’s collection things. Those things usually related to the collector’s favorite thing like sports, music, or other things.

This time, I will talk about collectible items of basketball which will be perfect for many basketball fans to have. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it is not surprising to see items related to basketball are becoming hot searching items all around the world.


List of Collectible Basketball Items

  1. Spalding NBA Street Basketball – Pink & Purple

Spalding NBA Street Basketball


This Spalding basketball has an unusual color of pink and purple which is its stressing point to attract customer’s interest. It has been proven for its high selling number from around the world because it is perfect for both boys and girls.

It has outdoor performance cover which will protect the ball from any unwanted damage when being played outside like in the backyard.

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  1. Chicago Bulls Upper Deck Pro Shots – Michael Jordan
Chicago Bulls Upper Deck Pro Shots - Michael Jordan

Chicago Bulls Upper Deck Pro Shots – Michael Jordan


This Upper Deck’s product of Michael Jordan’s action figure is surely will be one of the most wanted collectible basketball items for many basketball fans, especially Chicago Bulls fans. This action figure depicts a young Jordan and his incredible hang time from his most past glorious game.

This action figure stand at 6 inches high is constructed based on durable pvc which is hard to break. This figure is one of the first two Jordan 6 inches tall figures ever created by Upper Deck.

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  1. NBA Busy Block Ugly Sweater
NBA Busy Block Ugly Sweater

NBA Busy Block Ugly Sweater


This officially licensed collectible basketball item merchandise of NBA is made out from knitted acrylic strands which make it one of the most durable sweaters ever made.

This sweater has many graphic options which involve every NBA basketball team so you can choose a sweater with your favorite team’s logo attached there. The graphic is also very detailed so even the most difficult graphic to work still looks perfect without missing a single detail.

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  1. Michael Jordan Famous Foul Line Dunk 24×36 Poster

Michael Jordan Famous Foul Line Dunk Poster


This particular item is just a poster. So what makes it so special? It is being worked on a very versatile paper which is water resistant and hard to be tousled.

This poster also has a high definition picture that is printed using the latest technology which will allow you to see every single small detail in this poster perfectly clear. This poster depicts the young Michael Jordan’s doing his famous “Air-Walk” move.

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  1. Basketball Display Case with Glass Top and Wood Base

Basketball Display Case


This next item is a basketball display case with top and wood base. This basketball display case is a perfect way for you to showcase your treasured basketball. This basketball display case is made with a mirror on the bottom and back.

This case is UV protected to protect your ball from any excess which can cause unwanted inflation on it. This collectible basketball item will be perfect to be displayed in your room or in your living room.

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