Nike Hyperdunk VS Air Jordan Review

Nike Hyperdunk VS Air Jordan is an old rivalry of basketball shoes product because of they all have their own way to satisfy its users. These basketball shoes are considered as the best basketball shoes brand because of their performances and appearances that would be hard to compare those two shoes to other brands of basketball shoes.

These shoes have a comparable quality which makes it harder to decide which one is better because they are all so highly recommended by their users around the world.
In this article, I will try to compare those two shoes down to their details and attempting to do the impossible which is deciding which one is better.


Nike Hyperdunk VS Air Jordan Features

Nike Hyperdunk vs Air Jordan review

Nike Hyperdunk vs Air Jordan review


The First Test: Weight

The first thing that people usually want to know about Nike Hyperdunk vs Air Jordan is their weight. Weight is an important matter of we talk about basketball shoes because its weight will affect its user’s agility and swiftness in the field during the ball game.

The Air Jordan shoe has weight around 13 ounces. This shoe will ensure the swiftness and agility of its user in the field because 13 ounces will be feels like almost wearing nothing. While the Nike Hyperdunk weight around 40 ounces, the edge goes to Air Jordan for the weight. So, it’s 1 – 0 for Air Jordan.


The Second: Traction

The second thing to compare from Nike Hyperdunk vs Air Jordan is its traction. Nike Hyperdunk’s traction is utilizing a solid-rubber outsole with a foot-tapping multi-directional herringbone pattern that provides traction on a variety of surfaces like dirt or wooden court. It took you where you wanted to go, and stopped you when and where you needed more times than not, so the traction in the Nike Hyperdunk is as good as its name.

For Air Jordan, the traction has been very solid. From a visual perspective, you would already assume that the traction would be more than capable of keeping up with your movements from a front to back standpoint. What is clear after you begin to trust the surface is that your jab steps and jump stops along with your crosses, it will stop at will. So, it’s a tie for both of these shoes tractions.


Third: Comfort

The third thing to compare from Nike Hyperdunk vs Air Jordan is its fitness. Air Jordan is said to be having fitness second to none with its combination of the aforementioned performance woven upper, and reinforcing Flight Web which enhances not only its fitness but also its comfort.

Nike Hyperdunk has its upper comprised of a pairing of Hyperfuse and the mesh materials with a decrease in the amount of layers used and increased ventilation. With the use of the synthetic Hyperfuse material, its placement provided form-fitting support that was both durable and lightweight so it will be comfortable enough to be used for running on the court. So it seems the fitness of these shoes is in the same level.


The last: Durability

The last thing to compare from these two shoes is its durability. Nike Hyperdunk is a shoe that will be perfect to be used for any player position while the Air Jordan is mostly suitable for a forward man position which needs speed rather than anything else. Aside from its weight, Nike Hyperdunk has a superior durability than the Air Jordan because of weight is equal to its versatility. So, the durability goes for Nike Hyperdunk. Overall, these two shoes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

They’re both are mostly comparable in every aspect, but it is almost impossible to point out which is better from Nike Hyperdunk and Air Jordan.

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