Nike LeBron XI Elite Basketball Shoe Review

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If you are bored with a no cool colorful basketball shoes, and want to have a more looking cooler shoe, Nike LeBron XII may be the first option. Packaged in a dark color dominance alloys such as dark red, gold, and black, this shoe also looks elegant enough to wear. This one of the best Lebron James basketball shoe series.

That’s just the outward appearance. What about the other advantages of the Nike LeBron XI elite functionally! It’s so much better than you think. Let us find out here:

1. The traction of this shoe is so ‘out of the box’. The texture of footwear can minimize friction when the feet hit the floor.

2. The material used is also pretty good. Use of Foamposite make these shoes feel lighter and look sleek.

3. The style and character of the design is pretty solid. It gives highly stripped sweet impression and raises the aura that can intimidate opponents.

4. The only drawback to this shoe may be on the part of the midsole that are too thick, and not flexible enough for the feet.

These shoes are very strong so it is suitable for the post players who want maximum protection under the ring, while struggling with a lot of opposing defenders. In addition to durable, the interior materials are also reliable in preventing blisters on feet.

Nike Men's Lebron XI Elite

Nike Men’s Lebron XI Elite




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