Reebok Men’s Kamikaze IV Review

Reebok men’s kamikaze IV is one of the most popular Reebok items that had been released recently. This shoe is included in top lists of basketball shoes that has been conquered the world basketball shoe market because its sophisticated appearance, its performance review, and other features this shoe offer.

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This shoe came out strong with new features that will ensure the user’s satisfaction over its performance and the collector’s satisfaction over its look.

I will try to explain about the features of this shoe in the next paragraphs below and I will be leaving the judgment of this product to your capable eyes.

Reebok Men’s Kamikaze IV Review Features

Perfect Traction

This Reebok men’s kamikaze review will be talk about this shoe’s traction. Traction is the part of a shoe that will provide grip for the users. This shoe traction will provide a perfect grip for the user since its traction pattern will maximize the grip of the user to the ground or field. This traction is made from rubber that is a perfect complement for the pattern and will ensure a strong grip and prevent slipping accidents.

The traction also supported by patterns which will enhance this shoe’s friction force against the field that will be helping the user to be able to move with much comfort in the field.


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Flexible and Comfortable

The next feature of Reebok men’s kamikaze review is its cushion. I really enjoyed the setup. It was sort of like Reebok’s version of pure motion but with substantial impact protection that will ensure your feet comfort when running around the field.

You have plenty of flexibility while the cushion maintained contact with the court at all times because of it is comfortable contact with your feet also. Being bottom loaded hurt their responsive feel, but at the same time, it absorbs more impact upon striking than you’d receive if the Hex units were placed directly under the foot part.


High Performance

The overall of this shoe is great regarding its performance. You will be able to move with much agility since the traction is made of materials that will provide you with a strong friction energy which prevent your movements obstruct by slippery field.

You will be able to move with much comfort since the cushion part of this shoe will make sure to protect your feet from impact with such precision and safety.

For those who are interested in purchasing the shoe, the shoe is cost around $30 to $170. You will be having more flexibility in running along the court by using this Reebok Men’s Kamikaze review because of it will maintain your balance and prevents you from slipping.

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