Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Centers You Need to Buy

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The centers of basketball team players have a great role in a basketball game. Centers are a crucial position in basketball where the players are chosen according to specific requirements. Usually, the centers are tall and have good strength and body.

The center players are an asset for the basketball team because they position close to the basket when defense or offense. When doing this task, the center players have to have ultimate basketball equipment such as basketball shoes. If you are playing as a center player, you may need to know the Top 3 best basketball shoes for centers.

For the best basketball shoes for centers, there are; first, Nike  Men’s Lebron XI; second, Fila Men’s 96 basketball shoe; and  third, AND1 Men’s game changer Hi basketball shoe.


Nike Men's Lebron XI

Fila Men's 96 Basketball Shoe

AND1 Men's Game Changer Hi


1. Nike Men’s Lebron XI

best basketball shoes for centers

Nike Men’s Lebron XI

Nike men’s Lebron XI is the newest version of Nike shoes. These shoes are for heavy players who often play hard basketball games. About the features, this Nike Lebron XI is very strong with lightweight design.

As seen from its lightweight design, the players will be able to move easily during the game. These shoes are featured with lockdown support that can be used every time you need it. Designed with an ultimate protection, Nike Lebron XI also comfortable to wear as it has cushioning layers.

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2. Fila Men’s 96 basketball shoe

Fila Men's 96 Basketball Shoe

Fila Men’s 96 Basketball Shoe


Another top basketball shoes for centers is Fila Men’s 96 basketball shoe. This version still continues the 1990s basketball shoes type. What features can you expect from this Fila version? These shoes feature a smooth leather surface. It looks glossy and fantastic as well because at the side, there is embroidered Fila logo. Having released in 1996, this Fila shoes has got the hit among basketball players.

Fila Men’s 96 was very popular back then when 1996 Olympics was held at Atlanta. This basketball sneaker may be what you are looking for because it has good performance and details. The features will support and give comfort at game. The features such as rubber outsole, 2A cushioning technology, etc.

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3. AND1 Men’s game changer Hi basketball shoe

AND1 Men's game changer Hi basketball shoe

AND1 Men’s game changer


The third Top 3 best basketball shoes for centers are last best basketball sneaker for center players. It is AND1 Men’s game changer Hi basketball shoe. This And1 basketball sneaker is made of synthetic and leather material. Nonetheless, the synthetic material is lighter. What are the features of this basketball sneaker? This sneaker has TPU design, which supports players to keep the stability and comfort. The mesh tongue added

The mesh tongue added on the shoes could support comfort and breathability function. The comfort cushioning is also included in this sneaker. The molded rubber is supported in this sneaker to reduce abrasion. You can choose this basketball sneaker as it is also lightweight and provides optimal comfort.

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