Top 5 Wide Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

There are many wide basketball shoes that are meant for players with wide feet available in many sport centers and almost every online shop sites. Wide shoes for basketball has become a trend today because of the game itself, basketball, has been swept the world with a series of slam dunk frenzy.

Choosing a right shoe can be difficult because there are many, too many even, selections of this basketball shoes that can be seen in almost every sport center and online shops. Their different designs, features, and color are also can make our search for the best shoes almost futile because they’re just too many.

So, we will attempt to down your selection of shoes into 5 best products of basketball shoes that will lessen your searching burden.

List of Best Wide Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Adidas Crazy 2
AdidasSynthetic[usr 4.6]
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Nike Hyperfuse TB
NikeSynthetic[usr 4.0]
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Fila The 95
FilaLeather[usr 4.8]
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Fila City Wide 2
FilaTextile[usr 4.3]
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Adidas Isolation 2
AdidasLeather-Synthetic[usr 4.0]
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1. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy 2 Basketball Shoe

The shoe that had had its fame back in 90’s is back with lighter form and better quality than ever with some improvements that have been undergone years of research. It has a molded heel cushioning which makes the user’s agility in the field improves greatly due to its capability of maintaining feet’s comfort.

It also has an updated outsole pattern and unique see-through side panels which makes it much more stylish than its former form.

2. Nike Hyperfuse TB Men’s Basketball Shoes

Nike Hyperfuse TB

This Nike wide basketball shoes product is made from Nike’s newest invention called Hyperfuse. This new found material is used to create the upper part of the shoe to make it exceptionally lightweight and breathable at the same time, without sacrificing durability so it will be bale to lasts as long as you play in the court.

This product is also has a soft and springy midsole for resilient and durable cushioning on the court.

3. Adidas Performance Men’s Isolation 2 Wide Basketball Shoe

This Adidas product has all-rubber outsoles that give much grip on the court which makes you more agile and nimble on your feet at the court. It also provides durability which will ensure its long lasting effective perks for a long period of use.

It also has a synthetic upper feature micro-perforated accents to help your feet breathe while you play. Starting in $60 this wide basketball shoes will ensure your great experience on the field.

4. Fila Men’s City Wide 2 Basketball Shoe

This Fila product shoe made out from a versatile textile product for its outer part which makes a great first step to make a breathable shoe. Its rubber sole will ensure a great friction to the field whether its dirt field and indoor field. Its synthetic upper will provide versatility and brilliant look that will be able to last a long period of time.

It also has a comfortable cushion for its midsole to provide comfort while running on the field so you can run with so much ease with this wide basketball shoes. This product start at $32 to $70 depends on its color and size.

5. Fila Men’s The 95 Basketball Shoe

This Fila shoe product which had had its fame back in late 90’s made its comeback with some new improvements and features that will rock the basketball world once again. This product is made out from high quality and versatile leather material which will provide a long lasting look even if you use it every day for a long time.

This product also has perforations in the toe box to provide comfort for the feet while running around the field and keep them cool. This product also has FILA logo proudly displayed on the lateral side of the midsole and the cushy tongue. Started at $36 to $89, this wide basketball shoes will keep your hardworking feet comfortable enough even in a long period of playing.

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