how to choose the top basketball shoes homepage If you are a basketball player, either a professional basketball player or not, you need a good basketball shoe to support your ability. A basketball player with the shoe looks like a samurai with the sword. If the samurai doesn’t feel suitable with his own sword, of course, he will be more difficult to win the battle. But if he feels suitable with his sword and it has the best quality, he will be more confident to win any battle on the battlefield.

Basketball is a fast-paced game that requires basketball players to turn, jump, and run quickly.  A player who does not feel comfortable with the shoes or wearing shoes that do not fit its position will make his movements restricted and not agile. The result, he will be easily bypassed and turned off by other basketball players which more agility.

Finding a suitable and good shoe is quite difficult. So here, we will help you find “the chosen one” for you to use as your weapon. Your personal preferences are one thing, but we will present and review the best basketball shoes for you based on playing position and also based on a quality.

Ultimate Review and Guide for the Best Basketball Shoes


For center players, they will need a stronger shoe and able to absorb impact when landing from a high jump. This type of shoes offers a higher cut for better ankle support.

Nike Hyperdunk
High-TopCenterLightSynthetic + mesh
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Nike Men's Lebron XI
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Nike Jordan SuperFly 2
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For A Forward, speed is important. But in addition to presenting the speed, they also give more support and comfort for landing from jumps.

Nike Hyperdunk
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Nike Men's Lebron XII
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Nike Zoom Hyperfuse
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Adidas D Rose 773 II
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Guard positions need a shoe that is lightweight and able to make them move rapidly. The shoes on the table designed for quickness and stability for the Guards.

Nike Kobe Venomenon 4
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Reebok Wall Season 3
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Nike KD VI
Low-TopGuardsVery lightLeather
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The Comprehensive Basketball Shoe Table

Include in the table above are x different column with the criteria for choosing the best basketball shoes in each position.

  • The Picture of The Shoe (which contain links to the basketball store so you can purchase or see shoe’s rating and review easily by clicking the picture or the name of the shoe)
  • Type of Basketball Shoe (Low-Top, Mid-Top, and High-Top)
  • Weight of Each Shoe (in)
  • Material Used For Shoe

Types of Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are usually made based on the position of the player, although there are also shoes that can be worn for a variety of positions. The type of shoes that you choose should be tailored to your style of game. This is in order to further increase the level of your game. With the right shoes, you can jump higher and run faster, and certainly increase your confidence while playing.

Basketball shoes can be divided into three types, there are Low-Top, Mid-Top, and High-Top.


Low-top basketball shoe is like standard athletic shoe but designed with more speed, extreme movement, and traction on the court. This type does not offer ankle support, so it allows the most ankle flexibility for players. You can dodge other players quickly and rely on their ability to get the goal. This is the lightest style which appropriates for players who concern about the speed and cut down fatigue.


Mid-Tops are suited for a player who count on bursts of speed and not worried to get physical and jump for the ball when needed. Mid-top shoes have an upper that rises below the ankle of the player, so it provides some ankle support. It is easy and handy when landing and wouldn’t restrict the ankle much like high-top. The ankle can bend unhindered by the material of the shoe, allow you to reach quicker and run faster. Very suitable for players with forward position or players who want balance and speed.


The Shoes with High Top are preferred for the players with high power. High-top cuts are popular among basketball players because of the high level of ankle support. High-top can be used for any position, but it would be better for the center. The ankle is covered completely because it rises up from the shoe’s sole and extends past the ankle. This is the heaviest type of the shoes but offers great ankle support, power, and stability.


Leather used to be the all basketball shoes material for the upper part to help stabilize the foot. It is durable and lasted a long time. But the leather also has the disadvantage, especially in weight. Because of this, some other materials are used as a shoe material. Another material that is often used is synthetic mesh.

This material is quite lightweight, strong, durable, and still offers the stability of the foot. Right now most of the shoes made with leather, synthetic, or a mixture of both. For most parts of the soles is made of rubber. The leather used to offer more advantages for basketball shoes than made from synthetic materials. But now, the shoe which made from a combination of synthetic and leather also offers comfort and also good durability.

Closure on a Basketball Shoe

Closures on a basketball shoe must keep the foot secure and balance. It also must provide high flexibility for players to move and run fast. There are some types of closures include straps, zippers, laces, and Velcro.

If you need help choosing then see how to choose a basketball shoe guide.

5 Best Basketball Shoes in 2018

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro IV Review

nike men's air visi pro-best basketball shoes 2014

The first one on the best basketball shoes list is Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro IV. We personally like the model and style of the shoe, and we think this is the best basketball shoes for the low budget (under $100). It’s made from a mixture of synthetic and leather with rubber soles. This one has air-sole in the heels to absorb the impact, so you would not hurt and would not feel tired quickly. It also reduces the risk of injury and muscle fatigue. This Nike basketball shoe is also comfortable and the grip is very good on the basketball courts.

Not only that, this shoe is also very light so you can move more quickly and freely. Wherever you play, indoor or outdoor, it is still nice to wear. It is suitable for players with the guard and forward positions. Make sure to check out the detailed Air Visi Pro IV review.


  • Air-Sole system
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish


  • Poor arch support

Reebok Men’s BB 4600 mid Review

reebok men's bb 4600
This is one of the best Reebok basketball shoe for the price below $100. It has full-grain leather upper which provides maximum comfort to your feet. It also has good cushioning with EVA midsole attached. Generally this shoe has good arch and ankle support, but not the best one.

This shoe also has a slightly harder sole, so it will be durable for both outdoor and indoor. This one has Hi-Top cut and very suited for forward or center players. Check out the detailed review of the BB 4600 here.


  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Good Cushioning


  • Mediocre Arch Support

Nike Men’s Air Max Lebron X Review

Nike men's air max lebron
If you want the speed and fast movement, then these shoes can be the best choice for you. This synthetic shoe has a unique design and quite stylish. High resistance from the impact and light enough, it will make you feel that you don’t wear shoes at all. It is really comfortable, but you must be careful with the size. It fits really small so you must choose the size larger than your actual size.


  • Free to Move
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • Size

Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro Review

Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro
Jordan has been the top selling signature shoe by Nike. Jordan brand has a great presence in the basketball world and lifestyle market. Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro is pretty much loved by basketball players. It has been getting great reviews from nearly everyone who’s already bought.

Nike Air Jordan Retro basketball shoe is the remakes of the classic Air Jordans either in the colors he wore on that day or modified version to match with the current time. The shoe has very good ankle support, resistant to pressure, especially on the court.

This shoe also has an attractive appearance. It feels very comfortable, especially in the ankle and the sides of the foot. It is more expensive than the previous series, but it’s worth it. Check out the full review of this shoe here.


  • Durable
  • Ankle Support
  • Brand and Stylish
  • Comfortable


  • Price

Adidas Adizero Crazy Light 3 Review

Adidas Adizero Crazy Light 3
This is the one and only Adidas basketball shoes on the list. There are many other Adidas products which are pretty good, but our choice goes to Adidas Adizero Crazy Light 3 as one of the best basketball shoes in this year. It is one of the fastest and lightest-low cut shoes with great cushioning.

This is very suit for guards position or players who want to move faster and easily.


  • Breathable


  • Poor Arch Support

Final Thoughts

Reviewed above are the 5 best basketball shoes in 2018. We hope we were able to assist you in finding the right shoe for your needs.