Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K Review

This Adidas performance isolation 2 K review is one of the most successful products of Adidas. This shoe is designed for kid usage in many sizes. This shoe came out with the various range of sizes start from little kid size to the big kid size.

This shoe will be able to last long enough even if your kid would wear them playing basketball very hard every time. There are many good reviews of this shoe due to its superiority, quality, appearance, and many other factors.

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Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K Review Features

Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K

Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K



Traction and Performance

The superior features of this Adidas performance isolation 2 K is its shoe traction. The traction of this shoe will make your movement agility and speed improved greatly because of its rubber material will ensure your friction power of your grip to the court and will prevent any accidents of slipping from happening.

This traction’s superior performance is also supported by its traction pattern which is a pattern of shapes or line on the bottom of the shoe. The pattern of its traction complement the rubber material perfectly in order to give even more gripping power to increase your agility and speed in the court.


Cushion and Material

The next feature of Adidas Performance Isolation 2K is its cushion. The cushion of this shoe is made from very comfortable and soft material to provide comfort for your feet as you wear it. The cushion also specially designed for precise feet support with the balanced height that ensures the balance of the user.

This shoe’s cushion also uses mesh system that will allow your breathability of your feet. This system also will make your feet cool enough during your basketball game and will reduce any risk of skin fungus infection on your feet. In other tongue, it will prevent your feet to smell like hell.

This shoe is made of leather and other synthetic materials that will ensure the durability and versatility.


The overall review of this shoe is saying that this shoe is a great product and most of them are satisfied with this product’s performance and quality. Many kids that wear this shoe say that this shoe is very light. It has a great capability to keep their movement fast without hurting their feet because of its strong material on the outside and soft material on the inside.

The price is around $40 – $60. This shoe also provides the kids with a sporty look and that’s their favorite reason of giving a good score for Adidas performance isolation 2K review.



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