Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

Just like football shoes, there are some basketball shoes that are designed with a decent technology that is included as the most expensive basketball shoes.

Usually, there are some features that are given for shoe to make the player feel really comfortable. It can make them feel really great and make a great score while playing basketball. Besides, some expensive shoes are also over-priced because of several reasons.

First, it uses some famous basketball players as the model for the shoe. Besides, they make it as the endorsement for some famous players that are only produced limitedly.


List of the most expensive basketball shoes

1. Air Jordan I

Air Jordan signed

Air Jordan signed


The first shoe that is included as the most expensive basketball shoes and absolutely number one is Air Jordan I. This shoe has a fantastic price which is, $25000. The original color of this shoe is red and white color.

However, the shoe also comes with metallic and gold color. There are only 12 shoes that are available in this world. Because of its rarity, there are many people who want to get this shoe. There is also a general version that you can buy.

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2. Air Mag

Air Mag


The other expensive shoe that is favored by many people is Air Mag. It is known as an awesome shoe that is worn by Michael J Fox, a famous actor. Michael has brought the shoe to the screen and known by many people in this world. Its model is really dynamic and really suitable for any people who want to get sporty basketball shoe for their collection.

If you included as a person that loves to collect basketball shoe, this shoe is really worth-to-get. However, you need to collect some money first since the shoe is really expensive, This shoe is priced for $12000.


3. Air Jordan V

Air Jordan V

Air Jordan V


The next shoe that is also included as the most expensive basketball shoes is Air Jordan V. It is another famous basketball shoe that is produced by Air Jordan.

This shoe is also really famous because of 23. It is a number that is really famous in the basketball world because, this number is used by Michael Jordan.

In addition for its number, this shoe is designed very elegant with clear rubber and reflective tongue. The limited edition shoe is priced for $10000, but you can buy the cheaper/ general version.

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4. Adidas Golden KB8

Adidas Golden KB8


The next variant of basketball shoe that is included as the most expensive basketball shoes is Golden KB8. It is produced by a famous Germany apparel manufacturer, Adidas. Previously, the shoe is made for Kobe Bryant.

Later on, this shoe is renamed as Crazy 8. It becomes famous because, Kobe Bryant uses this shoe. There are also some Hollywood celebrities that love to use this shoe. This shoe is priced for $3000.


5. Nike Air Force One 4

Nike Air Force 1


This shoe is really famous since it is used first by Lebron James. However, this shoe is also favored by many famous artists that also love to use this shoe.

For the color, the shoe is provided in black metallic and red color edition. This shoe is also included on the list of the most expensive basketball shoes because, this shoe is priced for $2600.


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