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NBA Players with Luxury Cars

Luxury lifestyle certainly is very attached to sport’s stars, including NBA players. Just imagine, their income is almost reached millions of dollars in every season. Not to mention, that many sponsors who ask them to be an endorser for their products. Not surprisingly, they eventually become a

Kobe Bryant VS Lionel Messi – Video

What words can describe how superstar Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi are? Magnet! Both are the icon for basketball and football. Messi was the winner of the Ballon d’Or for 4 times, a prestigious individual award in football. While Kobe is the holder of five NBA championship

Sexy Girls with NBA Jersey Club

Jersey club plus sexy girls, what a combination between two of them. You surely would agree, that the level of beauty of the girl will increase while wearing NBA club’s jersey. Am I right? There’s no science that explains this, but it’s obviously the more they would be

The Transformation of NBA’s Uniform

The development of fashion is not only happened in the world of modeling but also in the basketball player’s uniform. Over the years, there are many changes in their jersey. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s look at those uniform transformations!   1. Elvin Hayes

LeBron James Beats Cristiano Ronaldo

NBA superstar LeBron James beating a footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as the athletes with the best physical performance in the world of sport by ‘Sport Illustrated’ magazine. This is the first time, Sports Illustrated magazine released their Top 50 fittest of male athletes. This time, the holders of

Top 5 Best Basketball Players In 2014 Playing As Point Guards

Some basketball players are born to be superstar of basketball court and some are not. Yet, there is a saying, “every dog has his day”. This saying might be true because each year, NBA acknowledges some talented basketball superstars who are successful in achieving their peak performance