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Guys, have you had pain in the back of the upper leg and heel while walking so that the feet become swollen? If so, it could be you experiencing inflammation of the Achilles. The Achilles is the largest tendon in the body which is located at the back

The Benefits of Doing Sports in Afternoon

Many people prefer to exercise in the morning because it can increase your body’s metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. Therefore, someone will have more energy in living their daily activities. In addition, the morning air is still clean so that sports activities will feel


In playing basketball or street ball, in addition to skill, technique and body balance, another thing that is needed is a strong stamina. Your energy will be drained when you have to run in a fairly long duration. Well, talk about stamina, then part of the body

3 Simple Way to Get Arm Stronger

Hey, basketball lovers, In addition to the skill and technique, there are other things that you must develop in order the make you a better player, the muscle strength. It becomes very important because when you play basketball, you will be vulnerable to collision with an opposing