3 Simple Way to Get Arm Stronger

Hey, basketball lovers, In addition to the skill and technique, there are other things that you must develop in order the make you a better player, the muscle strength. It becomes very important because when you play basketball, you will be vulnerable to collision with an opposing player. That’s why, you need to strengthen your abdominal muscles, and you also need to strengthen the hand muscles. Especially for the hand muscles. It’s even become crucial because it’s your weapon to force or guarding opponents on the court. In addition, the arm strength can also add you power for the shot.

This is the quick tips that you can do to get your arm strong and muscular. Just before you do these, you should do cardio first like jogging, treadmill, or swimming. It’s very useful to maintaining the stability of the heart, also can reduce the fat in your body.

Simple Way to Get Your Arm Stronger

Push Up


You can do the push-up routine after waking up, as much as 20 times the reps (number of repetitions can be increased gradually). Do this with moderate speed, not too fast and not too slow.

Biceps Curl

Use 1 kg dumbbells for starters. Hold the dumbbells in each hand. Place both hands to the side of the hip. Then lift one of your hands slowly to the top of the shoulder and do the same with the other hand. Perform this movement with 20 times repetition (can be increased gradually).

Soy Milk

Soymilk is great for the health. Besides that, soymilk can help to increase the building process of the arm muscles because it contains a lot of healthy protein.


Perform routine, do not be surprised if you will have a big and hard biceps. You definitely want to have a strong arm like LeBron James or Anthony, because not only improve your basketball performance, have strong arm muscles can make many women are more attracted to you. Let’s try at home.


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