Jordan SC-3 Review and Specification

In many Jordan SC-3 reviews, it has been stated that this model is the third series of the Jordan Flight manufactured by Nike. As we know that Michael Jordan has become a basketball magnet from 1980s-1990s. One of the Jordan famous movements is air walk; he jumps from the two-point line, walking in the air and slam the ball in the ring.

This legend’s movement in basketball seems to be a certain attraction. That is why Nike put Jordan name as its famous brand. Nike has done good way to promote their brand with it.

Jordan SC-3 Basketball Shoes

Jordan SC-3


Good Cushion with Best Materials

Jordan SC-3 is high-performance shoes with grain and synthetic leather which makes it look fancy and superior. The cushion feels comfortable due to its IP midsole and encapsulated Air-sole. This basketball shoes sole has similarity with Air Max edition.

This shoe is light so it will help you to run at the full speed. It is the best choice for those who love the games. When you combine it with skills, you may be the star of the game. Those statements come from many Jordan SC-3 reviews too.

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High Durability

Its strength is truly shown by the traction. Some Jordan SC-3 reviews have stated that. Before it attached, Nike’s designer has already tested it. The traction’s pattern helps you to perform any difficult movement. Durable rubber outsole makes every basketball player will be possible doing fast break and powerful pivot (spin movement where you use one of your legs to be the spin-focus).

Jordan SC-3 is one of the best from Nike. Your feet will fell comfortable to play 4×10 minutes. Its mid-top collar allows you to perform flexible and hard movement without hurting your feet.

Better than CS-2

Jordan SC-3 is similar with its previous edition, SC-1. It has upper and air midsole. Both of them are provided with few choices of colour. This edition is better and fancy than the previous, SC-2. Since 2012, CS-2 has no change in colour. It makes CS-2 looks old-fashion.

The youngster may choose this for hanging out. Just pay more attention with the dirt. This synthetic leather will be difficult to be cleaned. Read the manual instruction or ask the shopkeeper about cleaning these shoes from dirt.

Once again, Nike provides a high-quality product. The money you spend will fit with the performance you get. By using this Jordan SC-3 review, you might be able to compare it with other models before you purchase it.


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