Nike Air Jordan 14 Retro Review

Following some of this Nike Air Jordan 14 review, you will know better about this particular shoe before you purchase a pair. Air Jordan 14 was first released on July 2014.

This is Nike’s newest basketball shoes. As the previous series, this shoes directly become the trend of the basketball players. It has two version, Thunder and Retro. If you like a fancy, colourful and modern shoes design, you may choose the Thunder series. If you like the old and casual design, the Retro is the choice.


Nike Air Jordan 14 Retro

Style and Design

Thunder Version

Nike Air Jordan 14 Thunder


The Air Jordan 14 Thunder version was dominated with black and yellow colour. The black colour dominated the side area while the yellow decorate on the lower side of the shoes. There is Jumpman logo inside the yellowed-background in the one side of the shoes. On the back side, there is the jump man logo and number ‘23’, It is Jordan’s number when he still playing, written in yellow.

On the top back collar, there is a spot of yellow colour. On the other side, the design is the same as the previous side without jump man logo. There is also a jump man logo in the front side. It is decorated with black lace.


Retro Version

Nike Air Jordan 14 Retro

Nike Air Jordan 14 Retro


Air Jordan 14 Retro version is more than of two colour’s combination.On the upper side, it is dominated by black. On the lower side, there is black and grey elephant trunk. On the back of the shoes, there is a jump-man logo in blue with air written below it. On the front side of the tongue, there is jump-man logo in blue.

On the front side, it is decorated with white and blue colour while its lace is on black. Besides the colour, the different between Thunder and Retro lies on its air tube. Retro has visible air tube.


Material and Traction

Air Jordan 14’s material is dominated with leather. Retro has a Nubuck, based on Oxford dictionary it is cowhide leather that has been rubbed on the outer side of the hide. Some may not comfort with this kind of leather. The traction is very good, especially at the outdoor.

The leather makes the ventilation work less good. It may make your feet hot and humid in some way. Air Jordan 14 provides you with both modern (Thunder) and old (Retro) fashion design. Those are some of the Nike Air Jordan 14 reviews that might help you know better about this new Nike pair.


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