Simple Tips How To Clean Basketball Shoes

how to clean basketball shoes

Keeping basketball shoes clean is very important to support performance at court. Unclean basketball shoes can arouse attention among onlookers. If they are not clean and have bad odor, the onlookers may feel annoyed. Thus, cleanliness is very essential. If not cleaning smelly or unclean basketball shoes, the onlookers will look upon to feet. That will make unwanted attention. On the other hand, you may feel embarrassed for wearing unclean basketball shoes. The cleanliness of basketball shoes determines the overall performance at court. If you are basketball player, you’d better know how to clean basketball shoes properly with some easy tips.

Dirt and mud are often trapped on the sole of basketball shoes. When those things are not cleaned, it will affect your personal style. For the first step, you can use stiff brush to clean the mud, sand, rocks, or dirt stuck on the soles. A boot brush is also good tool for cleaning dirt basketball soles. You can brush back and forth for better result.

Second step, bring the basketball shoes to the sink and use cloth to remove the soles from dirt and mud. You can do this to clean the dirt residue. If the cloth is dirty enough, rinse it with flowing water.

Third, cleaning the surface of basketball shoes should be done carefully. If you use abrasive cleaner, it will damage the appearance of basketball shoes. Thus, use clean sponge or cloth by adding soap and water to remove the dirt on the sides and upper surface of your basketball shoes. Do this periodically, and rinse the cloth with clear water. Sometimes, stains and dirt cannot be easily removed, when you find it difficult to clean them, you can use melamine sponge foam to remove the stubborn dirt or stains sticking on the surface. This tool also keeps your basketball shoes cool.

Fourth, now dry your basketball shoes using a soft cloth. Drying basketball shoes with soft cloth can reduce the moisture faster. Then, place them on warm are. After they are dry, you may polish them. If you want to polish your basketball shoes, use stiff brush and appropriate polish for your shoes. Olive oil is nice material how to clean basketball shoes. It will make your shoes look shiny. After you have done with those steps, you can check the overall condition of your basketball shoes. If you find the shoe laces are getting thinner, you can change them with the new one. The shoe laces can also affect your performance.

Last but not least, keep in mind that you do not wash the basketball shoes in automatic washing machine. When you use washing machine, it will damage the material of the shoes. Your shoes may shrink and look bad. Thus, washing your shoes manually is better solution. This way is also for basketball shoes made of leather. If it is made of materials that are susceptible to be broken, you’d better avoid using washing machine. Also, always use non-abrasive materials to keep the exterior of your shoes. Those are some steps about how to clean basketball shoes that may be helpful for basketball players.


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