The Simple Way to Tell If Your Jordan Shoes are Fake

fake air jordan shoes

Michael Jordan is simply one of the best basketball players in the world. His undeniably exceptional skills become inspirations for many people. When finally Nike creates a contract with Jordan, the shoes brand “Air Jordan”, born.  Since its introduction to the sport shoes market, the Air Jordan shoes become so popular.

Because its popularity, the Air Jordan shoes got so many people bootlegging it, create such replica of the shoes, and sell it for cash. You will need a way on how to tell if your Jordan shoes are fake.  Most of the fake products don’t have the quality as the real one of course, but unfortunately, most of them are good replicas; they are so hard to be identified as fake.

The first and the easiest way to tell if your Jordan shoes are fake, is the colorway.  Colorway are the combination of colors used as a theme for specific shoes design, and is updated for each update of new styles. There are also special edition colorway. What you need to do is to be informed; you can search the information regarding the colorway of specific Jordan shoes on, or the Nike’s site. If someone sells a colorway which is absent on the site, it is a counterfeit product. Don’t buy it.

The second easiest way to tell if the shoes are a fake or a counterfeit is obviously, the price. Air Jordan is popular, no doubt about it. In addition, because it is popular, it’s sold with a pretty high price.  Don’t follow your impulsive decision to buy one when you see a very low price in the price tag. There is a high chance that the shoe you just see is a counterfeit. Don’t fall because the price is pretty.

Another easy way to spot one fake shoe is to see the “Jumpman” logo. Some fake products have the logo a little crooked or misplaced. Compare the logo with the real one.

air-jordan-fake air jordan shoes

Fake air jordan

There is actually another way tell if your Jordan shoes are fake. Lift out the product tag from the shoe. Each shoe should have their own unique style ID numbers. Memorize it or write it down, then check on the listing or ask the seller. When you receive your shoes, compare them, if they are not match, it’s a fake. Overall, it’s fairly easy to spot a fake, just don’t be impulsive and be selective.

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