Nike Air Max Ltd 3 Review and Specification

Nike Air Max Ltd 3 is a sport shoe branded by Nike. As we know that Nike is the largest manufacturing in term of sport. They concern more about sport’s stuff, but from the beginning they made shoes. Nike shoes as always become a trend among the shoes lover.

Nike air max series has become a trend for more than twenty years. It is first released in 1987. The first generation, Air Max 1, was the first shoe which has air technology on the heel. This first generation was the heaviest among the other generation. The Air Max 2 gave inspiration of the light shoes. The main characteristic of Nike Air series is the air tube which is placed below your feet.


Nike Air Max Ltd 3

Nike Air Max Ltd 3

Nike Air Max Ltd 3


Design and Material

The design itself shows simplicity. The colour is soft and elegant while another shoe is now dominated with combined colours. Even it designed as the basketball shoes; in fact it is used by people who adore agility. First time you step on it, you feel like you step on the small balloon. You feel like hopping while walking. Nike Air Max Ltd 3 is the special edition released in 2014. It is a comfortable shoe.

The synthetic leather of this shoe makes it fit to your feet. It is durable. It won’t make your feet hurt. The toe area is designed with a soft and comfort layout. The air-sole is also visible.


Kid’s Edition

To broaden the sale, Nike manufactures this special edition for kids. As you know that kids are active, they walk, jump and run all the time. This shoe fits to the activity done mostly by kids. Parents in US and Europe recommend these shoes for children. As the parents, you may experience shoes which hurt your child ankle when they play or doing out bond activities. Well, these shoes will overcome the problem you have. Nike Air Max Ltd 3 is good as

Nike Air Max Ltd 3 is good as basketball shoes or fashion shoes. Youngster in US and Europe wear it when they walk around the mall. They will proudly hang out wear it. This shoes is also well known by the kids/pre-school and grade school child.


Nike Air Max Ltd 3 makes you spend more money than the others. It deserves for the comfort and safety. As a fashion maniac, you may be concern as a high taste also by wearing these shoes. You may need to take more attention to clean these shoes. Do not take any risk by brush it directly. Use the shoes cleaner and read the cleaning instruction.


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