Nike Lebron XII Review

Nike LeBron XII is the twelfth version of Nike Lebron Shoes series. This shoe has been a hot item to pursue since its release date. This shoe has everything from its look to its performance. This shoe came out with several color choices that will make sure its compatibility with user’s taste like light blue, bright red, and bright green.

This shoe can assemble and disassemble at will to ease the cleaning process if needed. Its top quality materials also make this shoe become even desirable as it is so versatile even after hard playing.


Nike Lebron XII Features

Nike Lebron XII


Good Traction

Nike Lebron XII has many features that make this shoe become one of the best basketball shoes in the world. The first feature is its traction beneath the sole. The traction shaped like shattered glass made from high-quality rubber to enhance the user’s grip.

The 12th version’s traction is the best traction since the 10th and 11th series because it use some sophisticated design to enhance its user’s grip. This version traction has a little drawback though. You have to be frequently wiping the dust out of your shoe traction to maintain its grip ability and its versatility.

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Comfortable with High-Quality Cushion

The next Nike Lebron XII review feature is its cushion. For the cushion, I really enjoyed the setup. It was sort of like Nike’s version of PureMotion but with substantial impact protection. You have plenty of flexibility while the cushion maintained contact with the court at all times. Being bottom loaded hurt their responsive feel, but at the same time absorbs more impact upon striking than you’d receive if the Hex units were placed directly under foot. That heel section though was close to unlocked Zoom, not quite as awesome but close.

I think these will be enjoyed by all as Lebron have had either too much or too stiff cushion and this feels just right.


The next feature of this shoe is its material. As for the materials, Mega Fuse is utilized along the mesh upper and I believe this is just a type of glue with TPU strands woven throughout. Hopefully that makes sense, but I really liked it. They were supportive, yet not restrictive. A very well balanced blend between Fuse and Mesh. By taking the HyperRev and cross them with a Hyperfuse model, you will get the LeBron 12.

The Posite material was nice as well. It was there but not noticeable and it was supporting your foot upon movements. In general, you can say Nike Lebron XII review will be your perfect collectible items.


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