Nike Kobe 9 EM VS Kobe 9 Elite Review

Are you confused on choosing which shoes do you want to buy? Is it Nike Kobe 9 EM or Kobe 9 Elite? As we all already know that Nike is the most popular shoe production during 2014. In addition, some people do believe that Nike quality and popularity still stable during 2015. Why do I only mention those two kinds of Nike shoes? Some people like to compare two things which are similar.

Those two kinds of shoes are almost similar in terms of material, fit, traction, cushion, support and ventilation. To make you sure which shoes that you are going to buy, let’s peek up the Kobe 9 EM review below.


Nike Kobe 9 EM VS Kobe 9 Elite

Nike Kobe 9 EM

Nike Kobe 9 EM


Traction, Fit, Support, and Cushion

Nike shoes are popular with the quality of their traction, fit, support and cushion parts. There is no doubt from the people who already use Nike products about those four parts that always amazed the users.

While comparing to the Kobe 9 Elite, Kobe 9 EM is pretty much identical. That’s because Nike changes the material of the shoes which affects the traction, fit, cushion and support of this shoe. They change it to little Fuse so it fits perfectly to the foot.


Material of the shoes

The Kobe 9 Elite is using Flyknit material as the main material of the shoes. While Kobe 9 EM changes it to a little Fuse to Engineered Mesh. Flyknit is more durable than Engineered Mesh but it breathless so it caused hot if use it in a long time. However, engineered Mesh is easy to rip like it happens in Kobe 8. To be used in Kobe 9 EM, the Mesh is thicker to prevent the shoes from being ripped easily.

Nylon material for the interior of Kobe 9 EM helps the foot feel more comfortable and fits it properly. Yet, there is nothing to complain about those two kinds of material on Kobe 9 Elite and Kobe 9 EM.


Other supports of the shoes

This Kobe 9 EM completed with Carbon Fiber vs. TPU as the other supports of the shoes which make this shoe different from other Nike’s shoes. The Carbon Fiber is a little bit sturdy, yet the way Nike arrange the structure to wrap the foot is great so that we don’t feel the sturdy Carbon Fiber as an annoying thing. Along with the TPU which connect all the components like the best glue in the world, Carbon Fiber takes an important part of the shoes. The combination of Carbon Fiber and TPU creates the light of the shoes while you are running.


Nike Kobe 9 EM is more reliable

As the conclusion comparing to Kobe 9 Elite, Kobe 9 EM is more efficient in terms of money. It is not as pricey as Kobe 9 Elite, Kobe 9 EM is more efficient in terms of money. It is not as pricey as Kobe 9 Elite, but it still okay to use. In terms of money, Nike Kobe 9 EM is more reliable. When comparing to Kobe 8, Kobe 9 EM is more reliable on the traction and fit. It is also more durable to be used in a long time. It also durable to be used in any other season.

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