Nike KD V Elite – product review

2014 was the year of Nike. As we know that Nike is one of the best shoe products in the world. You can guarantee that Nike products are totally different from other shoes. Nike publishes shoes especially the sport shoes from football, volleyball, basketball and many more.

There are hundred kinds of basketball shoes from Nike. One of the Nike best shoes is Nike KD V Elite. Some people are curious enough about the detail of a certain shoe. Let us peek on the Nike KD V Elite preview to ensure you if you want to renew your basketball shoes.


Nike KD V Elite

Nike KD V Elite

Nike KD V Elite


Traction and material of the shoes

Basically, the traction of this shoe is not far differ from the original Nike KD V. The difference is only on the type of rubber that is used. The Elite version uses a rubber compound identical. Moreover, rather than the original KD V, the Elite is more suitable for outdoor basketball. Everything is good and nothing to complain about.

Comparing to the original which used Fuse as the material, the Elite version used Flywire as the main material. There is no significance change between those two materials. In conclusion, both traction and material of the shoes have no complained at all.


Fit and support of the shoes

The fit of Elite version is truer than the fit of the original KD V which usually you have to go down on ½ sizes to match it perfectly. It causes pain to your foot if you don’t accept the real size for your shoes. The lockdown of this model is fit perfectly. Once again, there is nothing to complain about.

Fit and support of the shoes are work together. The fit and the lockdown support the upper of the shoes and it is perfect. For the underfoot you have the Carbon Shank featuring the big TPU to support your mobility. With those support and the midsole, you will move easier and faster.


Cushion and ventilation of the shoe

From all the parts of the shoe, the cushion might give you the major disappointment point. Honestly, the original KD V is better in terms of cushion rather than Elite version. The cage Zoom Air in the heel is comfortable, but there is no significance difference of the cushion swap.

This kind of cushion is almost the same with KD IV that makes you wonder that this cushion even still exists. Cushion and ventilation of the shoes are really not good. The ventilation is so poor, but it helped with the perfect fit so the poor ventilation will affect nothing.


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