Nike KD VII VS Kobe 8 Review

Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 becomes a topic that is always discussed by many people. These shoes are known as the best basketball shoes from Nike are already made for the sports lovers who want the fast movement but still comfort to use. Nike KD VII or Nike Kobe 8 designed for men who have the rough time in playing basketball or the others kind of sports.

Nike KD VII is designed full of the elegant patterns which contribute making this shoe becoming the good looking shoe ever. Besides, Nike Kobe 8 as the one of the latest product that released by Nike company is called as the perfectly change of the shoe technology in worldwide. Which one do you prefer to? Is it Nike KD VII or Kobe 8?


Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 

Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8

Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8


For you who wants to which is the best, this article will show you the best part of the shoes competition from so many aspects that may you read for more references in buying basketball shoes. Nike as the best well-known company in sporty shoes produces so many kinds of shoes that will support your daily activities in sports. Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 are the two of some Nike’s product which have the best quality with its own characteristic.



The competition to be the best basketball shoes between Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 will be shown here. The Nike KD VII is also designed with the lace-up shoes completely by lock-down to further strengthen when you wear this shoes.

Moreover, the traction of this shoes is really amazing. The patterns on the shoes sole are designed very well to use for pass through the outdoors road. Nike KD series 7 is perfectly for your activities outdoors because this Nike shoes will hold up strongly than the others Nike’s shoes.

The cushion of the Nike KD VII shoes sole has the heel maximum to 8mm. Developing by sophisticated technology of hybrid, Nike KD VII is really flexible on foot and give you more speed and natural motion. With the balance way when using this Nike KD VII shoes, you just pay it for $150 each pair.


High Materials

Different with Nike KD VII, the other Nike’s product called Nike Kobe 8 is the perfect sporty shoes for indoor. Producing with qualified materials, Nike Kobe 8 appear with the lighten in weight. You will wear the sporty shoes with no feels like use it. The newest technology which is applied during the production of this product bring out the high durability, agility, and support the fast movement for any player who use it.

The pattern ot this rubber sole really suit for indoor condition which is designed as soft as a pillow. As the other Nike’s product, Kobe 8 have various colors you can choose. For the best performance in indoor, between Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8, Nike Kobe 8 is the best choice. To get this shoes, you must pay it for $140 until $200.


Style and Design

For those designs, each product has their own design. Nike KD VII is designed looks like casual and sporty shoes in one item. With the combination of some colors, this shoes can improve your appearance in playing basketball or running time.

Nike Kobe 8 is also good-looking in appearance. Completely by the degradation colors, this shoes is designed very compatible for fighting in competition or tournament that you do.

Totally, Nike Kobe 8 have the incredible patterns and colors on it. So, which one you prefer between Nike KD VII vs Kobe 8 is depends on your indoor or outdoor activities.


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