Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier VIII Review

Buying new shoes for your basketball activities should be an interesting thing to do. You will be as excited as a kid when it comes to spend your money for something that you like to do, like basketball. You need to read a review related to basketball shoes to help you before picking the best shoes for your activity.

There are some good quality shoes that probably can be one of your options which fit your need. One of the good quality shoes is Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier. Let’s talk about the Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier review below to enlighten your choice.


Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier VIII

Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier VIII

Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier VIII


Tractions and material of these shoes

The Power Flex traction in this shoe was so amazing. You’ll be amazed of the work of that Power Flex traction because it worked great on every floor you play on. Some people who are already using this shoe will not recommend this to use outdoor because of the durability issue. Yet, it is perfect to use indoor even on the floor which needs some refinishing.

Traction and materials of these shoes are just perfect. The material of this shoe is thin and malleable yet it much tighter fit with your foot so it just perfectly fine. It is also durable enough for a season and it doesn’t leave any painful hot-spot.

Fit and support of the shoes

The fit of this shoe is the greatest besides the traction. They are fit to the size and really snug. Since the material is thin and soft, you will not feel pain while snuggling. They call Dynamic Flywire system which keeps your foot on the footbad and it is not heavy at all. There is no additional heel counter so it is so light.

Fit and support of the shoes helps each other. Most of the supports come from the fit and the snug. But the weird zipper-strap is the best support of all. The strap is heel counter system only without an actual heel counter. The strap is like glue which keeps everything together.

Cushion and ventilation part of the shoes

Cushion and ventilation part of the shoes also the important parts of the shoes to help you enjoy while using the shoes. Surprisingly, the cushion is not as great as the other parts of the shoes. It is not Zoom like as what it says. It feels the same while wearing the Soldier 7’s.

However, it works well. It protects well too and it allows you to have a court field and takes away your bad feeling of sinking your foot in the midsole. The ventilation works so fine though. It ventilated well and the air-circulation is good too.


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