How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes

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Nike basketball shoes are one of the popular shoes in many countries. This is of course, make a lot of people want to make money with fake Nike shoes to seek higher profit. If you’re not careful, you would just be wasting your money by buying fake shoes. In here, will give you a few things you need to know to prevent that.

These are 7 things you need to know before buying Nike basketball shoes.

1. Most of the Nike fake shoes do not use the original Nike box. Most just use the ugly plastic wrapper or a box that’s not really strong and have much different with the original box from Nike which is stronger and solid.

2. If you see the midsoles of the fake shoes, there is a tendency to have a visible point of the manufacturing process that will not be visible in the original shoes.

3. Original Nike shoes feel softer than the fake ones. This is because the original Nike shoes made of leather or a good original material while fake boots are made of mixed materials with poor quality. There are even uses plastic.

4. Every authentic Nike shoes equipped with the SKU number which has the same number with the SKU number on the storage box. If the number does not match or is missing, it might be the fake Nike shoes.

5. Check also the labels exist within your Nike shoes. Some bad people sometimes put fake labels on the inside of the shoe. Make sure that both of the shoes do have a matching SKU number. Check also the year of manufacture. For example, Mercurial Vapor Superfly II FG was first produced in 2010. If you find the shoes with the label-making in 2008, it was obvious that it was fake shoes.

6. Mostly fake Nike shoes have a size that does not match to the original size. Generally the size is ½ cm smaller than the listed size and smaller than the size of the original Nike with the same number. This is because the Nike shoes are made more precisely and more fit.

7. The original Nike shoes using rubber material with good quality for its sole. The fake Nike mostly uses plastic material so it is not comfortable to use.

Those are some things to consider when buying Nike shoes. Hopefully, this article is useful for you all.

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