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Simple Tips How To Clean Basketball Shoes

Keeping basketball shoes clean is very important to support performance at court. Unclean basketball shoes can arouse attention among onlookers. If they are not clean and have bad odor, the onlookers may feel annoyed. Thus, cleanliness is very essential. If not cleaning smelly or unclean basketball shoes,

Reebok men’s BB 4600 Review

Reebok is a compaany that is known for their product of athletic shoes, clothing, and accessories. They have many popular shoes for athletes that want to run faster, as it’s the best reason possible for the Reebok inventions The Reebok men’s BB 4600 Mid is design to

Top 5 Best Basketball Players In 2014 Playing As Point Guards

Some basketball players are born to be superstar of basketball court and some are not. Yet, there is a saying, “every dog has his day”. This saying might be true because each year, NBA acknowledges some talented basketball superstars who are successful in achieving their peak performance

Top 10 Best Basketball Point Guards 2014

In basketball game, there are several positions that are crucial to be filled. Point guard for instance, is a standard position in basketball. This position is more specialized than any other position. To take this position, the basketball player has to be skillful in running because the

Nike Air Jordan 6 VI Retro review

Air Jordan was a brand for basketball shoes that created with the cooperation from Nike and Michael Jordan, the world’s star on basketball, the unforgettable player. Air Jordan becomes so popular from its first announcement when it goes to the sport shoes market in 1985.  The shoes

The Simple Way to Tell If Your Jordan Shoes are Fake

Michael Jordan is simply one of the best basketball players in the world. His undeniably exceptional skills become inspirations for many people. When finally Nike creates a contract with Jordan, the shoes brand “Air Jordan”, born.  Since its introduction to the sport shoes market, the Air Jordan

How To Spot Fake Nike Shoes

Nike basketball shoes are one of the popular shoes in many countries. This is of course, make a lot of people want to make money with fake Nike shoes to seek higher profit. If you’re not careful, you would just be wasting your money by buying fake